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200916 fromis_9 Naver Article Translation

fromis_9, “Having a comeback after a long time, it’s both pressuring and exciting” (Q&A)

Q. What are your thoughts after 1 year and 3 months since the release of your special single album ‘FUN FACTORY’?
▲ Jisun: Because we’re having a comeback after so long, there is pressure for us to do well. However, because we’re showing a new side of ourselves, I’m both curious and excited as to how people will view us. I hope it will be a promotion that is filled with love and support.
▲ Gyuri: I’m nervous, but my excitement is greater. Our title song ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ is a little more mature compared to our previous songs, and I want to show our performance as soon as possible.

Q. If you could describe your 3rd Mini-album ‘My Little Society’ in one word, what would it be?
▲ Hayoung: ‘Feel Good’ / Similarly to the name of our title song, it’s a feel good song and I hope that people will feel good while hearing the songs in our new album.
▲ Nagyung: Honest / We revealed each member’s individuality, individuality that we haven’t revealed before.
▲ Jiwon: Come over / The meaning is we’re inviting you to come over to our personal little spaces where we can show our individual vibes and hobbies. Just like my answer says, we want to show you our individual spaces and invite you to come and have a good time with us.

Q: How did you feel when you first heard the title song, ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’?
▲ Hayoung: To be honest, I teared up when I first heard the intro. It’s been a while since we had a comeback, and just imagining performing on stage with this song, it made me think “We’re finally coming back”. That’s what hit hard in my heart.
▲ Gyuri: I thought that the chorus was really catchy and I feel like the song is more mature compared to our previous songs.

Q: What’s the emotional point of your title track, ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’?
▲ Jisun: The song, choreography, and facial expressions all are very different from our previous songs. We thought very hard as to how to really express those emotions. I hope they recognize our relaxed but confident demeanor as we perform our song.
▲ Saerom: Our title track ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ is a song where it feels like everyone is enjoying the party together.
▲ Jiwon: I want to surprise the audience with their ears, and then their eyes. That’s how much we practiced for the performance, and there are lots of point choreography to follow along to; I want to put on a cool performance as soon as possible.

Q: Were there any special episodes that you remember while preparing for this album?
▲ Hayoung: There was a scene in the MV where we were lying down. While we were dancing to the music, a bug landed right in front of me and lied down with us while wiggling its feet. I still can’t forget that moment. It felt like it was cheering for us.
▲ Jiwon: While preparing for this album, we spent the most time in the practice room. I remember in between practice hours, on the weekends, the members would all meet and either play the zombie game or flinging shoes.

Q. What are your goals for this comeback/promotion?
▲ Chaeyoung: I want to show our flovers that they can be proud of us as artists.
▲ Nagyung: I want to show that not only are we a group with members that have unique characteristics and colors, we are also a group that harmonizes very well together.

Q: Lastly, please say a word to the flovers that have waited a long time for this album.
▲ Jisun: I’m so happy that we’re releasing a new album. While I did feel the same for all the other releases, this album is special because we put a lot of thought and earnest greed into it, and I hope that passes on to the audience. Let’s create lasting memories together. Again!
▲ Hayoung: I missed you guys a lot. I want to see you guys even more as our comeback is approaching. Thank you for waiting until now; we will become a fromis_9 you can be proud of. As much as you’ve protected us so far, we will also protect you flovers. I want to say your name more as I say your name, flover. I love you and thank you!
▲ Saerom: If there was a word greater than ‘thank you’, I would want to thank you even more than that. Everything is because of you, flover. Even if we’re exhausted in the present, we keep going because we trust that flovers will be with us in the future too. Let’s create a beautiful dream together. Flover, I love you!
▲ Chaeyoung: We know that our flovers have been waiting excitedly just as much as we have, so to fill that excitement, we prepared really hard so please look forward to it!
▲ Nagyung: Thank you for always staying with us no matter what. As much as you’ve been waiting, we’ll shine even more sincerely on stage. It’s disappointing that we can’t see each other in person, but we’ll think about all the flovers that will be supporting us from elsewhere and have a fun and joyful promotion. Thank you, and I love you!
▲ Jiwon: We’re always both sorry and thankful to our flovers. While we were preparing for the album, each day was filled with anticipation and excitement. To the flovers that always support us, we’ll try to repay your support through a good performance. I’m always thankful, and I love you, flovers!
▲ Jiheon: For this album, we prepared very hard at the thought of showing flovers, above everyone else, a good performance. I hope that our flovers will like this album a lot. I’m always grateful, flovers!
▲ Gyuri: To the flovers who support us from wherever and whenever, I’m really thankful and we’ll keep showing you a better side of us. I love you!

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