Regarding Samsora and Zack

The Truth

Let me start things off by saying that CaptainZack and Samsora are two of my best friends, or at least they were. I do not gain anything from what I am about to voice. I do not want to return to the smash scene, I do not want followers and I do not want fame. I have not been active on social media for the past couple of months, completely deactivating everything and I have no intention of returning. I simply want to express my personal views on a recent affair that I believe was twisted in the eyes of the public. I’ve been debating and struggling with myself for months with this information due to my friendship with Zack and Samsora but I don’t feel like I can move on until I bring the truth to light.

To begin, I received a message from Samsora on July 1st, 2020 that evening notifying me that he had an emotional conversation with Zack earlier that morning. Samsora had known that I was out with my family for Canada Day and he informed me that he wanted to discuss something important later that evening. I called Samsora to hear what was so important and he explained that he wanted Zack to speak the truth about his encounter with Nairo 3 years ago. Samsora had wanted my input and I suggested we all discuss this together to see every viewpoint.

Zack, Lima, Samsora, and I started a discord call to discuss the matter. After some silence, Samsora quickly took the lead of the conversation. Samsora explained how he was tired of Zack living a lie and that he wanted Zack to come forward with his truth. Samsora preached that Zack was lying to his followers and they deserved to know the truth. Lima agreed and they turned to me for the final confirmation before proceeding. However, after hearing their views, I was still hesitant, especially given the details of what Zack had previously explained to me on what happened between him and Nairo.

I will explain why I was hesitant and the version of the story I had heard from Zack later in this document.

Although, I did not want to be insensitive towards Zack. Still, I felt this approach was not the correct way to go about things. I responded to them cautiously saying, “Do what makes you feel most comfortable, but also do not rush to making your decision.” Shortly after I had to leave the call and said I would call them when I got home.

During this time that I was out of the house, Zack had publicly claimed that he had made up the rumors. After arriving home, I quickly rejoined the call which had a very tense atmosphere. I did not know what happened to the original plan for Zack, which was to tell ‘the truth’. As I understood it from other people in the call, Zack had made the first tweet and then Nairo had offered to make a follow-up on his side, in order to take some heat off Zack, and Zack agreed, saying he would follow through after.

While I was on the call, Zack was also on a call with Nairo. I want to mention that Nairo did not know that Zack was also on a call with us (Lima, Samsora, and I). Zack typed to us what was going on in his conversation with Nairo. He explained to us that Nairo was going to quote-retweet Zack’s response and did not show that he had a problem with it. Nairo then posted his quote-tweet about Zack, also claiming the rumors were not true. This is also corroborated in a Messenger screenshot Zack would later go on to post in his twitlonger as it shows that he did indeed pick up his phone before the tweets were made and afterwards. ( )

Zack then claimed to us that Nairo had not approved the wording of his tweet with him before publishing it.

He and Samsora then used this as an opportunity to try to convince me that Nairo was abusing and manipulating the truth and used this to further their viewpoint to continue with the twitlonger. I want to point out that this is contrary to what Zack said in his Twitlonger, which was that Nairo ‘painted [Zack] to be something completely different than what he told he would say’ (taken from Zack’s twitlonger). This is despite the fact that Nairo’s tweet only addressed what Zack himself had publicly debunked.

At this point, I still had a different viewpoint and wanted to share my opinions. I started by saying, “We should take things slower, do you guys think we should be doing this in one day?” While attempting to explain my perspective, Samsora shut me down. He started yelling at me and portraying me to be malicious and insensitive to the situation at hand. It was clear to me that Samsora felt strong about the situation and I didn’t attempt to push my viewpoint as I was outnumbered 3 to 1. I was pushing my limit of being able to stay awake any longer due to having been out all day for Canada Day and I soon exited the call, no longer wanting to be involved as I realized my voice would not be heard.

I went to sleep and when I woke up I had immediately checked the chat and noticed there were many other people added, who I will not name, as I believe they were added after Zack’s twitlonger was posted. The call was still ongoing and I joined to give Zack some words of support where he thanked me and went to sleep shortly after. I then left the call to read the post on my own. I felt very uneasy about the entire twitlonger being written in a few hours and wondered what evidence was shown, as I had only known about the situation through word of mouth. As I was reading the twitlonger, I immediately recognized there were lies and screenshots used out of context to manipulate and twist the truth. The story Zack had told to the person on Discord (who would later be revealed as Salem) was not the story that I was told by Zack in the past.

Zack had previously told me that Nairo housed him for a night at a tournament because Zack and Samsora did not have housing. The entire day, Samsora and Zack were seeking a place to stay and Marss and Nairo both agreed to housing one of them. Samsora went with Marss and Zack went with Nairo.

Zack had explained to me that in the middle of the night, he had gone from his bed to Nairo’s bed while Nairo was asleep and began caressing Nairo’s chest. When Nairo did not budge, Zack felt it was okay to go further with his attempt. Zack explained to me that Nairo had still been asleep when Zack escalated things.

This was very disturbing to hear because Zack had taken advantage of the situation at hand. I understand that this was alarming, but I was young (I am only a year older than Zack) and didn’t understand the reality of what he’d told me when the story had been introduced to me and did not question it or tell anyone. Zack made me promise I would keep it between us. This was the reason I was hesitant about this whole thing.

Since the story I heard and the one I was reading on this twitlonger conflicted, I asked Lima privately what he knew of the story previous to the twitlonger. The story Lima knew from Zack’s word of mouth was the same one I heard. The narrative given by Zack in his twitlonger conflicts with many different stories shared on the same topic. Tweek had already had to debunk a part in Zack’s story given to Salem. Zack claimed that Tweek encouraged him to go to Nairo’s, but Tweek says that never happened. I wanted to reach out to Nairo to know what his side of the story was but because he knew I was close to Zack, I figured he would not trust me and did not say anything.

I want to mention that Zack had an obsession with talking about how much money Nairo made and used this to justify himself when asking Nairo for money. Zack had made it very clear to me in the past that he continuously approached Nairo for money. On the first occasion, Zack had received $2,000 from Nairo because Zack asked for money after losing his sponsor and Zack used that fact to pressure Nairo.

I know that Nairo did not offer Zack ‘hush money’. Zack definitely asked for the money. For the following situations after the $2,000 where Nairo had sent money, it was because of Zack, yet again approaching Nairo.
However, in Zack’s twitlonger, he implied that Nairo had given him money to stay “Quiet.” This was NOT the case. He went as far as to fake-cry on his stream about “bribe money” ( ) when Zack clearly understood that was not what occurred. I want to specify that I’ve known Zack for years and I have seen Zack cry in person many times. That is why I know he was not truly crying during that stream.
Zack is going to lengths to push the innocent narrative he created for himself because it is the only thing keeping the public on his side. It is very ironic how the entire motive and title of Zack’s post “I’m Tired of Living a Life of Lies” is built on himself lying, multiple times, once again.

As someone who has been a close friend of Zack’s for a long time, I can testify that Zack was, and still is a very sneaky and devious person. He had constantly bragged about the men he had romanced and puppeteered. Zack had aggressively attempted to seduce countless adults in the Smash community and had been told many times by his friends to stop this nefarious act. There is a clear difference between making innocent mistakes in contrast to unapologetically continuing to pursue immoral actions. Zack viewed these people's lives and careers as toys and destroyed them without remorse when an opportunity arose. For example, Zack openly stated to me that during his relationship with Ally, he was not scared of people finding out because he would not be the one at fault due to him being the minor.

I can not stand by Zack, as he knowingly abused a movement meant for justice, looking for personal gain. In the past, I stood with Zack because he was young and I believed he would learn from his mistakes and grow from them, but unfortunately, he has not changed. I have known Zack for many years and I want to go on record to say his intelligence should not be underestimated. I need to stress that the point of this isn’t really to defend Nairo. I only want to make it clear that the entire truth was concealed and manipulated.


Samsora’s complacency is repulsive. During the Ally and Zack misconduct, he acted oblivious when he contributed immensely to all of this transpiring in the first place. He went as far as accompanying them to the movies ( ) and teaming with Ally at multiple events. Samsora had no issue with Zack and Ally’s relationship. Where was Samsora’s concern during even ONE of Zack’s relationships with older men? Samsora knew of the situation between Zack and Nairo since it happened 3 years ago and he also knew about Zack’s relationship with Ally the entire time, 100%.

Where was his voice when I was being crucified for speaking the truth? I was a minor and Samsora was an adult during the entire relationship of Zack and Ally, yet I was the one who spoke out about it. Samsora let me take the fall, when he had been complacent and did not care. Instead, all he did was tweet vaguely about it and expressed his sympathies to Ally publicly ( )

Zack had been in relationships with many adults, and Samsora has never cared. That is why I believe it is incriminating that at seemingly random, Samsora decided it was time to discard Nairo, after all these years of never standing up for Zack. Samsora is pretending to be shocked and sorrowful about the situation to the public. ( ) On his social media, Samsora is trying to garner sympathy from the community so that they don't look deeper into the mistakes that he made.

Samsora’s motive for his actions were also unjust, immoral, and selfish. Samsora pushed for this situation to be public forcefully, shutting down any and all opposing viewpoints. I know that people will say, “Samsora is in the right to expose Nairo.” However, remember the version of the story that I heard from Zack and the fact that the ‘hush money’ was false. This was a much more complex situation than people realize.

It always bothered Samsora how he was constantly compared to Nairo, and Samsora spoke to me on more than one occasion about disliking and wanting to avoid being in his shadow. I do not condone leaking private accounts, and I want to make it clear that this is an extreme breach of someone’s trust. However, it needs to be understood that this is the mindset Samsora had 2 weeks before everything transpired ( ).

And yet, literally the day before Samsora decided to push for this twitlonger to happen, Samsora had been collaborating with Nairo. ( )

I believe this is what the initial conversation of “telling Zack’s story” stemmed from. Samsora wanted to eliminate Nairo as his competition under the guise of helping Zack speak his truth. Samsora (along with Zack) used a movement that is meant to help victims, primarily to benefit himself. Basically, Samsora weaponized Zack’s story for his own personal gain.
It is important to note that part of Samsora’s goal was to push for the twitlonger to be released as soon as possible. That is why there were so many errors in trying to keep people’s identities anonymous.

Along with this, I want to mention that Samsora manipulated Lima into going along with this over an entire hour. The full proof can be found here ( ). In the messages, Samsora adjusts his argument multiple times to persuade Lima into taking his side. He even contradicts and admits some things such as how Samsora had messaged Zack about it and Zack “only care [sic] about his coin”. Samsora also outright says that “This is not about abuse, it is never about abuse with Nairo. Nairo is not a predator.” (those specific screenshots are found here: ). Samsora continues to contradict himself in order to persuade Lima.

It’s very necessary to point out that Samsora approached Lima after Zack had told Samsora that he did not want to come out with this story against Nairo. The intention behind approaching Lima was because having a numbers advantage was crucial in influencing Zack to do what Samsora wanted. Samsora continued to push for this narrative and in the end, Lima finally agreed to help Samsora push Zack to release a statement.

The only way I could understand Samsora’s hypocrisy was by realizing that he would be benefiting from Nairo getting “cancelled”. In the beginning, Nairo supported Samsora by doing streams together, hosting him, gifting subs, and giving him exposure. When Samsora realized Nairo could no longer bring him any more fame or power, he knew that the only way he could get further to the top was by getting rid of Nairo. From the moment he found out about Nairo and Zack’s situation, he kept this information in his back pocket. Finally, when it was most advantageous to him and the social climate was right, he shed light on what happened and manipulated those around him to rush the story. He hid under the guise of helping a friend but that was not his full intentions. He wanted to reap the benefits of Nairo’s downfall and that is exactly what he did

I realize people will notice that I do not have all the screenshots, but this is because I deactivated all my social media as I mentioned before, and thus I am no longer able to retrieve them.

I’m sorry it took so long for me to speak up on any of this. I’ve been debating and struggling with myself for months with this information due to my friendship with Zack and Samsora but I don’t feel like I can move on unless we learn the real truth.


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