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6th Sep 2020 from TwitLonger

NA State of Mind

Yo, I've been itching to start writing stuff again so I guess this is a blog or whatever. Lost to Quincy Crew for the 1000th time today 0-3 so ya this is kinda just a "how I'm feeling right now" type vibe.

Let's start with the facts.

NADota has currently one sponsored team and the best team in the region remains unsponsored, rough time to finally be good or good enough to consistently make lans lol. Maybe I'm only good right now because everybody else isn't trying at least that's what everybody tells me lol.

Earlier this year some of the NADotas personalities were revealed to have committed serious crimes towards women and rightfully were kicked out of the scene (for the better).

Within this group and the main personality was kind of NADotas "guy". He watched our games, he knew what we played, who we were and he would stand up for our region being competitive. (Which we are IMO)

I will not mention his name and I only bring him up because like it or not he WAS important to our scene and it seems that nowadays nobody wants to stick up for our region.

Watching a certain Banana shit-talk my region whenever he had the opportunity made me feel pretty shit so imma spread some love because I want to.

We may not have any teams on Secrets/OG/Nigma whatevers lvl but we have some sick teams man.

Quincy is absolutely beast all star fucking players. Quinn is on another level man dudes outta this world not to take anything away from the rest of Quincy as they all own.

Thunder Predator are also fucking awesome I'm so happy to see my boys Matthew/Leostyle. (ALSO WUDOTA BROOO) oldschool.. :D

Beastcoast was a top 8 major team before Corona and always got surprising hero picks outta left field.

The Majority of the Business roster top 6ed the first major last season and Brax is one of the best players ive ever played with (Ixmike is #1 14 year old me still doesn't believe it)

Cr4zy happens to include a European so I can't say good things about them (Jk I love the boys).

Infamous have improved MASSIVELY shout-out them you guys own (Accel P4pita the boys)

The Brazilians SERIOUSLY are getting fucked from the entire situation. They have 150+ ping on US East compared to 50 for NA players and 100 for Peruvians. It is so difficult for them to compete right now so much love to Costabile/Duster/HFN/4dr/tavo too many to name. They need the support just as much as NA that's for sure.

Also shout-out some of my friends who are trying to compete. Yamsun, dnm, Szabo, Flapjack, Stars, 5up, uhh tons I'm forgetting.

As I get older I start to really appreciate all the people I have met and competed with to get here and seeing them on other teams makes me so happy bro.

If you read this consider giving some NAdota tourney games a look, we are a competitive region
and if you watched our games I think you might agree. Just saying, we might be the worst but that doesn't mean we can't compete.

LAN events are the main way for teams in our region to improve, so hopefully one day we get those back too and can prove ourselves.

Maybe we get owned and you can laugh at us then or something.


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