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5th Sep 2020 from TwitLonger

My thoughts on Sakumai's post on Monica:

I too have had bad experiences with Monica. It started when Monica attempted to book the remaining 4 flight tickets when we were stuck in Hawaii on our way to Malaysia Prelims. Although I am the one who showed her the availability of that particular flight, she told me not to book it yet and as she said that she quickly got on the phone with her Manager from Tempo and booked the remaining tickets almost stranding us in Hawaii. I thankfully was able to find another flight to get our Omen team to Malaysia but had to pay extra.

Throughout the course of Tempo Pubgm we have seen many signs of poaching from Monica trying to recruit contracted players from other Orgs. I can name a list of 15-20 players that were on a legal binding contract and were poached by Monica but I think the community already knows about their names. I have lost contracted players on my own roster due to Monica's ability to poach and I the time has come where I also need to make a stand on how I've been treated by her whether it be directly or indirectly.

I have done nothing but help and assist Monica and her team by doing things like showing her links on how to purchase Vivo phones so her team can practice for the Malaysia prelims although her team was directly competing my team for an entry into the global finals. I believe there are numerous people who have been directly negatively impacted by Monica's actions and I would greatly appreciate it if the community spoke up now.

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