Apology to Twitch, and my last appeal

I was banned from Twitch last October. It's been almost a year. It was hard to accept it and move on at first but I understand why Twitch banned me. I did a lot of stupid shit while streaming on Twitch and I want to say I am sorry - to Twitch and to anyone I may have offended during my time there.

I'm writing this because I would like another chance. I streamed on Twitch for many years. I had over 4,000 hours streamed there. A majority of the time I spent streaming on Twitch, I was living in section 8. I was addicted to meth and adderall. I was tens of thousands in debt. I had a lot of family and mental health issues.

I wasn't a very healthy or happy person. I was completely uncensored and I didn't care about Twitch or the rules. I was an animal. I am sorry for what I did during these times. I don't want to be the person I used to be and I have gone through great lengths to improve myself and my behavior.

I've gone through classes and therapy to control my anger and emotions. I've been diagnosed with a few different mental disorders and I've received guidance on how to cope with them. I have gotten off of drugs. I have gotten out of section 8 and am about to own my own home.

I used to stream from section 8 to a few people. Now I stream to thousands, many of which are my real friends and family. A lot of my city knows me. I've made a lot of friends here. Even the cops here watch me.

I'm not the animal I used to be. I have too much at stake now. My brother and little niece watch me now. My mom watches me now. I want to be someone my friends and family can be proud of.

I plan to continue to stream for a long time to come and to do positive things in the process. I just want to be able to play and coolaberate with my friends and to be able to participate in tournaments and events again.

Thank you for your consideration - dellor

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