Tempo Sloppy · @SloppyR6

27th Aug 2020 from TwitLonger

No longer with Tempo Storm, LFT

I am no longer apart of @TempoStorm.
Unfortunately the guys has come to the final decision to kick me from the team.
Initially i was supposed to be in Vegas in March but due to covid i have been stuck in Canada for 6 months..
During this time i went through depression since i was feeling alone but at some point kandi (my manager) helped me a lot by moving himself to his brother's house which is where i was living at.
i've learned a lot and i will be forever thankfull to my team mates for what they teached me in game.
I also want to say thank you Kandi since you believed in me until the last.
For the people that doesn't know, i am already back in Italy and i'm looking for a team.

It was a great experience but now i'm angrier than before, and i will fight until the end to get my PL spot back!

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