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. @Madoshix7 is manipulative, a predator, and has sexually assaulted someone.

This twitlonger serves as a collective of statements from numerous people that document their experiences with Xavier “Waldo” Morales (@Madoshix7), mostly regarding his ex-girlfriend, Ducky. Just want to clarify that in some of the screenshots, Waldo has his current Discord name as “Suma” and his Discord ID is Suma#0737.

This first statement is made by Ducky, who was Waldo’s underaged girlfriend at the time. She does not have a twitter, so this is being posted for her.
I met Waldo when I was 14 years old and he was 19. We had a lot of mutual friends and were a part of the same groups so naturally, we began talking a lot. Eventually, I started to develop a huge crush on him and he asked me out when I was 15 and we began dating online. For the next 2 years I endured basically non-stop emotional and mental abuse and had my sense of self-worth destroyed. He spread lies about me, destroyed my friendships with multiple people and made me feel like I was just an awful and disgusting human being. He took advantage of me and to this day he continues to make himself out to be the victim.
I wasn’t allowed to talk to a lot of people because he ‘didn’t feel comfortable with me talking to them.’ He would often log into my accounts to clear out people he deemed were too “toxic” to keep talking to. He always had to be in a call with me no matter what even if my friends and family were over because he couldn’t trust me and ‘just wanted to make sure he could protect me.’ He absolutely hated it when I would go out with my friends because it took my time away from him. He tried to control what I wore because he ‘didn’t want guys to look at what was his.’ If things didn’t go his way, he would get angry and throw a huge fit about it. We fought so much throughout our relationship and every single argument was blamed on me. Everything was always my fault and he made sure to drive that into my head.
Whenever I expressed how unhappy I was it would always end up turning around to him. It was always about him and about how he was hurting more than me and that I never appreciated anything that he did for me. Him, him, him. He would guilt trip me by telling me that he had stopped talking to his friends for me and that I needed to do the same. He would often tell me that he was the only person that I ever needed to talk to because everyone else couldn’t understand me the way he did. He even tried to convince me to stop talking to my best friends in real life because ‘they were jealous of our relationship and were going to break us apart.’
He portrayed me as this horrible, manipulative and controlling person to our mutual friends and turned them all against me. He told me that our friends all hated me because of the way I treated him and that I shouldn’t even bother talking to any of them anymore because they wouldn't bother listening to me. He would tell me almost on a daily basis how much our friends absolutely detested me because I had “changed” him for the worst. I couldn't talk to any of my friends anymore because I sincerely thought that they all hated me. He made it so he was basically the only person I spoke to. Whenever I confronted him about how wrong everything had felt he would deflect and say that it wasn’t even a big issue and that he’s only doing what he believes will make us happy.
He would be really pushy and wanted me to do explicit acts on webcam for him for his entertainment and he would ask about this quite often. Even when I expressed that I was uncomfortable he would push for it and when I would refuse he would go on about how unsatisfied and unhappy he would be and that I never did what he asked me to do because I was too selfish. At the end of our relationship he admitted to me about taking screenshots of me doing these acts when I was underage. I didn’t consent to any of this and told him that I wanted every picture he had of me deleted. He said I was overreacting and to this day I’m still not sure if he even went through with deleting them.
In December of 2012 we planned to meet for the first time at a tournament being held in my state. I had just turned 16 and he was now 21. I went with my best friend and I got to meet a lot of my online friends for the first time. I was having a good time just hanging out with everyone. But throughout the entire time Waldo was very persistent in spending some alone time with me. He was constantly texting my phone telling me that he wanted my friend to leave us alone. He started getting impatient and insisted on leaving the building with him. I gave in but expressed my concerns with my best friend and told her that if I wasn’t back within 20 minutes to spam my cell phone. There were other people around to witness us leaving.

We walk out to a forested area and start messing around a bit. I started to regret everything when he was so rough with his fingers that I began to bleed, a lot. I told him to stop because he was hurting me but he pressed on and the pain got worse. He kept trying to escalate it but couldn’t find it when he tried to stick it in. At this point my friend had started to spam me with calls and I managed to get him off me. I explained that we needed to go back and that I didn’t want to continue, which upset him because ‘he didn’t get off.’
I was bleeding so badly I could feel it running down my thighs. He had tore me. I was so ashamed and felt so dirty that I just wanted to go home. I didn’t want anyone at the tournament to find out what had happened because I was embarrassed. We walked back to the venue and he was confronted by my best friend and told her that, ‘he didn’t even do anything.’ I told her that I wanted to leave. We did and I told her everything on the way back home. She had to listen to me cry the entire way home.
He acted as if nothing had even happened.
Come to find out later on that he told everyone that we had fucked in a forest at that tournament and had been bragging to everyone about how he had made me bleed. He was bragging to people about how he had hurt me, he was so proud of it. He didn’t even care that I was in pain. I felt so disgusting. I spiraled into depression afterwards and could barely function. I tried to reach out to some people about how awful I was feeling but Waldo would go on and on to me about how ‘my actions made them lose respect for me and they could no longer view me the same way again, or “they hate you now and don’t want to talk to you anymore.”
So, I removed myself from every group I was in. I was done. I didn’t care about anything anymore and I just wanted to get out. I had tried many times to end the relationship but he would refuse to accept it. He would say that ‘he gave me the world and treated me like a queen.’ He threatened to kill himself to get me to stay with him but I ended up successfully breaking up with him before I turned 17. He had told everybody we knew to straight up block me and to stop talking to me and many did. This was to make sure that I couldn’t contact anyone to explain how I had felt and how awful he had treated me throughout our entire relationship.
After a while, I started dating someone that I had known since my childhood and I was happy but he wouldn’t accept it. He kept spamming me claiming that I had cheated on him and he begged for me to come back. One morning I was on my way to my first class and noticed he had called, left me two text messages and a voicemail that was him telling me that he was going to end his life that day and it was going to be all my fault. I ended up reporting it to the police and he finally stopped contacting me.
I never even realized how messed up of a situation I was put in until years later. I was 14 when I met him and he was a grown adult. He knew exactly what he was doing. I fell for him initially because he had convinced me that he was the one for me because he understood me. No. He took advantage of me because I was young and naive. He had groomed me for years to be the perfect and obedient girlfriend who would never speak up about him because ‘he was the knight in shining armor who never did anything wrong.’
No one deserves to be put through what I had to go through and the thought of him doing this to other young girls absolutely terrifies me. He always stuck to younger groups of people because it boosted his ego. He liked how they all idolized him and looked up to him and he would often use this act to smooth talk young girls because this is what he had done to me. He was the entire reason that I had left the smash community in the first place. My friendships with a lot of people were completely destroyed because of his lies and I no longer felt safe or accepted within in the community I had been a part of for so long.

Here are screenshots of Waldo manipulating Ducky by threatening suicide:

Here are more screenshots that prove that Waldo was at this tournament. Waldo had taken a photo with other people (whom are censored) and there are some comments left underneath the Phoenix Saga 5 thread on Smashboards regarding Waldo and Ducky. Here is a link to the thread, but the imgur link provides the screenshots for easier accessibility.


This next statement was written by Ducky’s best friend. She is not a member of the Smash community, but was a witness throughout their relationship and observed Waldo’s behavior towards Ducky.

Ducky and Waldo started dating around our freshman year of highschool; I don’t remember exactly how old he was at the time, but he was out of school. Maybe 19, but to Ducky and me 14/15.
He didn’t like it when she wasn’t on call with him. So, they were always in a call. He’d get angry, they’d fight, if she wasn’t on the phone long enough. I’d seen her fall asleep on call with him. I think that was the norm, and the least he was willing to accept, without starting something over it. She had to lie or make up excuses to validate cutting their calls short. He didn’t like when I’d see her, because I took attention away from him.
He tried to tell her what to wear all the time. She couldn’t wear shorts. She couldn’t wear yoga pants. Really, she couldn’t wear anything she had before/liked because he didn’t want her attracting attention from other guys. It’d be 90 degrees, and he’d be pitching a fit because she didn’t want to wear jeans.
He guilt tripped her for everything. Why wasn’t she on the phone until they both fell asleep? He always framed that like some kind of romantic gesture. Like, they should always want to be together, always talking. He’d act like she was trying to get other guys’ attention by dressing in ways he didn’t approve of. He thought she shouldn’t have been talking to any guys at all, really. He once told her that he stopped talking to any women he knew; then, it was all his friends. He claimed he did all that for her, and now he was lonely, and had no one, because of her. Why couldn’t she do the same? She never asked that of him. Never wanted that from him. But, he would lay on the guilt, all the unwanted sacrifices he made to “show her that he loved her,” and that she shouldn’t have friends either. Just him.
He threatened to kill himself if she left him.
At Phoenix Saga 5 when Waldo was able to fly in, I didn’t really leave them alone. Ducky and I had a kind of arrangement for smash events anyway. People were less likely to flirt or bother her when we were together, so I always tried to stick close by. It was our default, and, what I really want to articulate, is that I didn’t get the impression that Ducky wanted me to leave her alone in this case either. I followed them wherever they were going, but at some point we got separated. I called, and called. Rung her phone half a dozen times. No answer. When they came back, I was angry, and he was defensive. I had no idea where they’d gone; I was worried. And the first thing he had to say was about how he, “didn’t do anything.” Ducky was really uncomfortable after that, and wanted to leave right away basically. Despite this being the first time I think they’d seen each other in person, despite the fact this should have been a pretty joyous occasion for that fact, she wanted to go home. I didn’t know what happened until later. I knew that it was Waldo’s idea, I figured it was his pressuring and insistence, and I knew that whatever encounter they’d had while they were gone was sexual. Ducky told me that much after. I didn’t know the exact details until she told me later.


This third statement is from a former friend of Waldo’s, but they’ve chosen to stay anonymous. This statement has been modified from the original for better clarity.

I've known Xavier 'Waldo/Hotsuma/Suma/Madoshi' Morales since 2009, never really got close until 2011 when we became good/best friends, and 2014 is the time he would call me "brother" which is a whole tier above. We never really drifted, but things reached a sudden halt in 2017, where he convinced both a close friend of mine and a love interest that I was bad news and was two-faced/hated them, during my hiatus. Completely ruining my relationship with them both, losing a chance at a potential best friend, and a potential wife. It wasn't until after, that I noticed a repeating theme throughout the years. It took me experiencing the worst of him to truly see that he has done this repeatedly to others. The earliest case of this that I can remember, is regarding Ducky, his girlfriend at the time.
As soon as things went south with Ducky, and her decision to remain broken up, he would then paint her as the villain to all of their mutual friends. It took her many years to reach that breaking point where she's had enough, because he would constantly threaten Ducky that he would commit suicide if it meant having his way. I actually remember being present when he would express ideas of doing self-destructive things just to guilt her into getting back with him.
Other things I noticed when they were in a relationship, were him constantly craving her attention, which I thought was normal in a relationship BUT IN THIS CASE it would be to a very unhealthy degree, where he was very controlling of who she spent time with OR EVEN SPOKE TO. He would even go onto her Skype account often to look for anyone who appeared to be "thirsty" as he would call it. Knowing these things, I never actually questioned his actions when it came to Ducky, because I just assumed that she had consented and even initiated such practices. I never got the chance to see things from her point of view until very recently, and I believe it was deliberate that he made sure she and I never interacted, all those years ago. This is also the reason why I didn't know her real age at the time either.
They would do calls often, and it would always be when HE WANTED, and when it was suitable for him. This was so extreme that even when Ducky had guests over, he would demand her presence including a voice call if it also meant having to watch or keep tabs on her. From my angle he made it seem like she was the one who massively craved his attention, and would playfully state "I'm being kidnapped by Ducky, see you guys tomorrow.” If you're wondering about 'tomorrow' it was made obvious to everyone that they would always do nightly "sleep calls.” I always thought this was something cute that they came up with rather than creepy, but I was made aware later that this was just another layer of monitoring her further.
I didn't know Waldo went to Michigan during Phoenix Saga 5 until he came back and started a group call (we did group calls very often). It was Waldo, myself, and three others. I can't remember who specifically was present during the call). He told us he went to the event and spent most of his time with two other friends, so naturally we asked him "How'd you do? What did you place?" and he told us that he didn't enter singles or doubles, which shocked us. This surprised us because normally when Waldo takes the time to go to an event, he would always at the very least enter doubles, but he didn't this time and he traveled MUCH FARTHER than usual. He then started to explain to us that him attending was mainly to spend as much time with Ducky as possible. We thought this was normal and cute since it was their first-time meeting and were hoping he would leave it at that (Waldo VERY OFTEN talked about girls. It was pretty much all he talked about, and some of us would quickly get tired of this). I feel like me and the others shared this willingness to move on to the next subject, because we wanted to jump to the next topic right away. Not to our surprise, Waldo immediately wanted to backtrack a bit saying, "Yo hold up, I wanna tell you guys what happened with me and Ducky very quick.”
He continues with stating how difficult it actually was to initially get alone time with Ducky, that there was a constant wedge between them. This was when he described Ducky's best friend as a “cock blocking bitch,” as if she knew exactly what Waldo wanted and deliberately "gave him a hard time," even accusing Ducky’s best friend as being jealous. Some of us calmly listened. Others snickered at Waldo's slight exaggerations and VERY OBVIOUS resent towards Ducky’s best friend. He continues insulting her best friend, and explains how he tried to find ways to pull her best friend from Ducky at the tournament so that he could find time alone with Ducky.

NSFW Warning ahead.
This was when Waldo said he and Ducky snuck off into a nearby forest, and started doing sexual things. The way he described it made it seem like Ducky really wanted it badly, and that she kept advancing things, saying explicit and inappropriate things like how he “couldn’t take it anymore” from the sexual excitement. He also starts bragging to us that it only took one finger to get Ducky to bleed. “I MADE HER BLEED WITH ONE FINGER ONLY, I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO USE MY DICK YET!” Afterwards, Ducky’s best friend managed to find her and called her back. So Ducky left, and Waldo “finished” before heading back. This was how the story went when Waldo told us.


This person also wants to remain anonymous, but has screenshots to prove their claim about their experience. It is unrelated to Ducky.

Hi, I am a former friend of Waldo, and here is what it was like. My experience isn’t as bad as others but I do remember some things that was pretty weird/creepy while I was being friends with him.
I became friends with Waldo in 2017, but we drifted apart less than a year later. It all started when he dm’d me after a group call session with others in a character discord. Introducing himself and making small talk. I thought he was pretty nice so we ended up talking a lot. He even got flirty at times but I would just shrug it off.
After a few months went by, I thought he could be a friend that can be trusted, so I told him about a traumatic experience I had several months before. (Yeah my mistake.) He instantly dismissed it with an image of Sonic pulling a plunger out of Tail’s ass saying “I laughed so hard LOL”. I thought I was being annoying so I pretended to laugh along with him at the image. Looking back at it now, it just seems like he wanted to avoid that topic (for obvious reasons). This picture I’m referencing is also in this twitlonger.
He would also vent to me about not being himself, and that he’s dealing with fake friends. He never told me what made people mad at him. I later found out that the stuff he was venting about, was actually about the consequences he faced from an incident with him making someone uncomfortable at a major.
After that I started to talk to him less, but he started to get weird with the flirting, he even started to type out his actions as if he were role playing. (eg. hugs you) It really weirded me out since he would be pretending to hug, kiss or carry me. He even confessed to me that he liked me but I just lied to him and said I like him too. I was too scared to say “no” due to past trauma and I shouldn’t have lied. I’ve learned to grow better at being honest years later and this thankfully didn’t do anything to our friendship.
Eventually everything stopped and we haven’t talked for a few months. He did reach out to me about losing a lot of friends, but at that point I did not care about him and ignored it. I have already heard a rumor from a friend about him sexually harassing their friend, which led me to ignore the message. That was the last time I have heard from him.

Here are the screenshots:


The remaining screenshots are claims by other former friends of Waldo. Each screenshot is from a different person.
1. Person 1: In this screenshot, this former friend says Ducky was 13 years old, but she was about 14 to 16 at the time. This is just an error on their part.
2. Person 2: This screenshot also talks about how Waldo would treat Ducky behind her back after they broke up.
3. Person 3: This person shares their story in the screenshot.

Overall, someone like Waldo doesn’t belong in the community. There are countless people even outside of this twitlonger that have been hurt, ridiculed, and made uncomfortable by him. As a grown adult, he should know better not to mess with women, especially the women that are considerably younger than him whom he has taken full advantage of. He dismisses his hurtful and shameful acts towards other people by claiming he hasn’t done anything wrong and that he has good intentions, but often blames others and hardly takes responsibility. This is a grown adult in our community who is roaming free despite the terrible things he has done to people. He needs to face the consequences.

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