Clearing my name since @LunarKats wants to lie about me :)

‪Imagine how fucking jealous and nasty you have to be to go around telling people that I viewbot and “sucked dick” to get into SoaR. This is sad I even have to tweet this. I didn’t do anything to you and you’ve been spreading rumors about me for MONTHS since the women’s WESG qualifier back in fucking OCTOBER! Almost a year ago bitch WHAT. I even apologized about that whole situation on behalf of my team on Twitter. We didn’t even do anything to you girl, you just brought the drama on Twitter.. for what reason? You and your little boyfriend literally wouldn’t shut up about us on Twitter so I apologized like an adult, blocked you and moved on. I thought it was over after that but apparently I’ve been living in your head rent free for the past year. Like what the fuck do you want from me? My viewbots? 😭

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about this and minding my own business because I didn’t want drama, but it’s gone too far now. I literally have done nothing to this girl. I haven’t done anything to anyone. I definitely don’t deserve this childish shit. Time to clear my name.

First of all, I gained all of my viewers and followers all on MY OWN. I didn’t need a pro CS player boyfriend to host me everyday.

Also, how fucking dare you talk about SoaR like that? This isn’t one of those shitty orgs you’re used to being apart of LunarKats. They are actually super professional and would never recruit someone that “sucked their dick”. I got recruited into SoaR BECAUSE I was doing so well on Twitch. SoaR doesn’t just throw partnerships around either. We have to have ALL of the qualifications listed on the “Road to partner” page on Twitch before we get a partnership from SoaR..They have standards you know. (Anyone from SoaR can confirm this btw)

I started streaming on Twitch as an outlet for what was going on in my personal life and my mental health. I thought streaming would make me a lot happier since I was super depressed and suicidal at the time. I even had to quit my job at the time because my mental health was getting so bad. I put all of my money and all the energy I had left into my Twitch channel for my own happiness. I never thought anything would come out of it besides me being happier. I had a lot of time to stream, so I did. I streamed almost everyday and I began to see rapid growth not even half a year in.

I never EVER started just to make money or get a lot of viewers and “clout”. I genuinely had pure intentions and still do and I ALWAYS will. I took a big risk and spent every last dime I had on my streaming PC 2 years ago just to make myself happy and now I’m thriving. I moved out of my home 5 months ago into my very own apartment BECAUSE I can support myself through streaming full time. That is fucking amazing and unbelievable to me and I’m so proud of myself with how far I’ve gotten with only 2 years of streaming. The fact that you try to credit my success to “viewbottting” and “sucking dick” just screams jealousy. As much as you want to believe it, viewbots don’t pay the bills honey.

Maybe if you put in actual work and streamed everyday for 5-8 hours for nearly 2 years straight, you’d be in my position. Maybe if you put your energy into your own success and minded your own fucking business, maybe you’d actually get somewhere. Maybe if you put the money you made into improving your stream, more people would appreciate your work. Maybe if you didn’t focus on followers and viewers so much, you wouldn’t be worried and jealous of mine. Maybe if you worked on being a little more entertaining, more people would want to watch you. Maybe if you had the right mindset with streaming, maybe more people would like you. Oh but you don’t have any of that because it seems you see your audience as money bags and only stream when you need money from your viewers. Oops 🤭

Success isn’t fucking handed to you and it sure as hell wasn’t handed to me. I worked for it.

You’re also like 23 years old so please grow the fuck up.

This is karma.

Have a good day 🥰

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