Quick-Fire Community Questions: Ashlea

Quick-Fire Community Questions: Ashlea (Editor/ Charity Project Coordinator for TOWCB)

Col: Hey Ash, thanks for joining me. Just a few quick questions. How are you finding the AC Valhalla marketing campaign, and are you excited to play the game?

Ash: I'm really enjoying each new aspect of the game that we get to see, it's great to get a little more insight into the layout and format of the game, I also like that they have continued the option to play as a female character I think this will be particularly interesting to see in a viking setting, can't wait to play.

Col: During our 6 year anniversary week, we revealed our next project: Rally The Creed Podcast. Are you looking forward to hosting it, and what can you tell us about the project?

Ash: Yes it will be an exciting new venture for us to explore, it will be interesting to use this new platform as a means to keep the community up to date with developments in the games and discuss different topics with other content creators and members of the community

Col: It's also been announced that we here at TOWCB will be running a new initiative known as community chats, where we use our Discord voice channel to join fans for AC discussions. Will you be taking part?

Ash: Yes it will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know other fans of the games and to hear there thoughts and opinions, it will also be a good opportunity for people like myself, who perhaps haven't been in the community as long as other, to get to know more people with similar interests.

Col: Are you currently working on any other projects?

Ash: Besides the work with The One's Who Came Before, I am also in the process of developing a true crime podcast which is very exciting, it will be interesting to see how these two very different projects develop.

Col: Any personal goals/ aspirations / targets you would like to achieve as we begin another year with TOWCB?

Ash: It always amazes me how the community continues to grow, it will be interesting to see where we are this time next year l, I hope that the podcast is successful and I'm sure we will have may more exciting projects under our belt over the coming months.

Col: Outside of the AC community, how are things?

Ash: There are exciting developments both in AC and at home, it's been a busy few weeks with us preparing for the 6 year anniversary and buying our first house but all very rewarding.

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