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15th Aug 2020 from TwitLonger

About n1gr

Nice One Good Round, at first was a joke team. It was an experiment to see how far we can push the mental of the people at game battles.We do not take any of this seriously and our social media manager (myself) I Love You 3k. I both manage the social media and team along with elimms.

About the art:
We had DXM make both the twitter banner and logo. She is also our support player. We commissioned Sumyeonje because we saw she made graphics for teams all in our time lines, so we paid her 10 dollars to make us a quick graphic. We gave no info on the team just the roster and the name and told her to make it rainbow. She did not make the header.

We understand theres currently alot of backlash towards alot of different people and we are working to resolve the issue. I took her name on game battles as a joke, since we used to be friends. I will link admin screenshots in the thread of me trying to fix this issue.

I understand what happen with everyone and i understand why there was a backlash. It was simply an experiment to see how far we can get to see how corrupt blizzard as a whole truly is. We are sorry if we offended anyone personally, and we will reform our issues. We will be playing out this season of open division but we will not be communicating with any teams in match chat or streaming anything online just to avoid every conflict possible.

I myself edited our gamebattles username in order to trya nd combat this issue. I also deleted every tweet and changed the header in order to fix what is already too late.

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