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14th Aug 2020 from TwitLonger


From my point of view, there was no getting around this situation. Whether it was me getting kicked or me leaving.

Towards the end of my stint over there, I tried to push for major changes in regards to the practice structure and the amount of time allocated to vod reviewing, dry running new strats, etc. From my point of view, we were practicing the same stuff over and over again, strats that have clearly been overused publicly. It got to the point where only slight adjustments and copied pro league strats were getting introduced. Furthermore, I pushed for better vod reviewing sessions, with actual feedback. I even suggested the addition of another staff member that has been known for his out of the box strats and his review work. Despite the fact that I tried to improve the vod reviewing sessions by putting the new staff member in that dedicated role, his comments and advice were ignored.

Although this addition was made and I was getting along very well with this person, the main coach refused to accept his help. He expressed his displeasure in disrespectful ways to both me and the new staff member.

With me not getting any financial benefit (no prize pool earnings and no salary since I joined in May..... blamed on contract issues), I kept pushing through,with what I thought were bad personal opinions on how the coach lead the team. I kept doing as much as I could after my 8-6 shifts irl, in hopes that something would change.

The players are some of the best mechanically gifted people in the Canadian division (imo) and they have a bright future with the right staff backing them. I was told by the management that the team thought I wasn't a good fit anymore personality wise and I completely agree. Working with the players was never an issue and I never made my voice stronger inside the team, so that's on me.

Whenever the new staff member, that I wanted to add, gets announced, please send him a lot of love and know that he is ready to work as hard as possible to help the team succeed. I gave everything I had after work to get this team where they should be, but it started getting impossible with the conflict of opposing coaching ideas.
The reason why, me being ousted was the best course of action imo, was because the coach has a really good and friendly relationship with the players and he gained their trust that way. If I would've intervened anymore, I would've looked like a complete and utter N*zi and that isn't good for anyone.
I personally think that the team will be in good hands with the new staff change even though, imo, he should be a coach and not an analyst.


With this being said, I am LFT as an analyst. I won't be looking for any high tier coaching positions (other than T3), because I would like to become a data analyst professionally. Whether it's in esports or not.
I will provide samples of my work and more info, as needed.

Sorry for any mistakes in my english :)

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