Why our adc 'Checkerdc' was not with us this weekend.

First of all, this post is not meant to send hate in the direction of Checkerdc. We decided to make this post merely to explain what happened behind the scenes.

In this post we are writing about our experience with Checkerdc and why you wont see him in action on our League of Legends roster this weekend, or ever for that matter.

Lets start by explaining what happened this weekend. We were busy with preparations for our last Open Tour weekend of this League of Legends season. Everything went well and we had played 2 scrims so far this week. To our surprise Checkerdc did not show up to our 3rd and final scrim before the tournament. At first we thought he just didn't wake up from a prolonged nap.
On Saturday we had still not heard anything from him. We had tried contacting him everywhere. Unfortunately we did not get a response at all. Offline on discord, not picking up his phone, not having played any league of legends matches and not having been online on WhatsApp for a while made us scared something might have happened to him.
With no way of getting in contact with him or anyone close to him we decided to just wait it out and play with a sub during the group stage.
While checking out his socials to see if there was any life of him, we noticed a stream which led us to some clips/videos of a live stream that showed us he was playing on a smurf account on both Friday and Saturday all along.

This is not the first time something like it has happened. A few Open Tour weekends ago he told us his internet was down which made it impossible for him to participate in our planned matches. Later we found out he was playing a tournament with his 2nd team. He told us it was not an important tournament so he decided to play it on his phone internet. At the time we decided to believe him because he had never shown any reason to betray us like that. Looking back at it we believe it was a similar situation as this weekend.

At this moment we still don’t know the reasoning behind his actions and why he decided to play with us for such a long time to finish it off like this. He never showed signs of being unhappy with us as an organization or the team in general.
We feel like we have created a very open environment inside of our organization. Everyone's opinion matters to us and we make sure players feel comfortable talking to us when they feel down or have a different opinion on things. For this reason we are really surprised and disappointed about the fact one of our players has decided to act this way without ever talking to us about it.

A small word to checkerdc: We are really sad our journey has to end this way and this is certainly not the way we would have liked to say our goodbyes. We all hope you change your ways for the better and achieve success.

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