Cocaine blues for the clowns in brown / PPT
After having ridiculed police claims that the cocaine in blood of Red Bull scion Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya was from dentistry, PPT was pleased to note that the president of the Dental Council has confirmed that "[d]entists do not use cocaine as an anaesthetic on patients...".

The cops are such a bunch of dipsticks and no one is ever held accountable for their outrageous lies. Even the dentist involved has denied the claim:

The dentist who provided dental treatment for Red Bull scion Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya has meanwhile denied using cocaine in his dentistry after police said there might be a misunderstanding regarding police testimony over the use of the drug.

The police now agree with that dentist!! They say that back in 2012, the "dentist, whose identity was withheld, confirmed that he administered medication without narcotics to Mr Vorayuth...". So they have now changed their story:

... the investigators concluded there was no actual cocaine found in Mr Vorayuth's blood and that there was no other evidence against him, so the police did not press charges related to illicit drug use against him....

One could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that there are cops pocketing bribes or accepting favors are grasping at straws in their efforts to free this rich ratbag. Their efforts are infantile, with high school students demonstrating that they know these claims are worse than ludicrous.

But never fear, the same dipsticks who stalled "investigations," looked anywhere but where Boss was hiding in plain sight and then exonerated him on the basis of no evidence at all, are back on the job. They plan to find out if there were drugs in the Ferrari-driving rich lad's blood back in 2012. That should waste more time and drag out the do nothing strategy even further.

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