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31st Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Dear @NorthernForces #NorthRC

i have decided that i’m going to be going for the north rc!! i’ve grinded for north in the past but now i feel that i actually have a chance this time :)

first off i wanna thank everyone that’s been by my side and supported me along this journey. i couldn’t be where i am today without any of the lovely people i’ve met on twitch and in the community in general. thank you for everything . you guys honestly mean the world to me 💜

as some of you may know, i started streaming back in 2018. i would stream every single day, even when barely anyone would watch me, but i would be so excited just to see that one viewer mark in the corner of my screen and would do my best to keep them entertained and make sure they were enjoying the stream. i knew from the beginning that numbers wasn’t what content creation was about. it’s a dream of mine to hopefully one day join a team as a streamer and content creator and become one of the top girl creators in the community.

i’ve followed north for a while now and i know how similar my content is compared to the content you guys put out. for example, i know you guys are big on krunker and it’s one of my favorite games to play on stream, and i’m not that bad either ;) i’ve slowly but surely been building up my own little krunker community which makes me even happier to stream the game. i also stream fortnite, call of duty, and other games as well! i have my own set stream schedule and i try to stay consistent with my streams. in august i’m also going to start uploading on youtube weekly. i have so many ideas and i can’t wait for you guys to see them. i really hope that one day i can join north so i can do my best to put out the best content for you guys that i know the supporters will enjoy :)

i watch north streamers all the time, and i hope that one day i can be referred to as one. seeing all the support they get and the vibe they give off makes me want to push myself harder to become north madszy.
i know things don’t come easy so i’m going to put my all into this rc because when i want something i try my best to accomplish that goal and even if i don’t i’ll keep trying.

i’m definitely going to be checking out other grinders during the rc too so i wish you guys the best of luck :)

-maddie 💜

#FearTheNorth #NorthRC @NorthernForces

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