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31st Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My journey with @FUTWIZ comes to an end after 2 seasons, F/A Heading into FIFA21

The past two years have been some of the most memorable years of my life, I joined FUTWIZ at the start of FIFA 19 with only 1 Global tournament appearance to my name and Dan took a big risk in signing me. From there, I have had the privilege to represent Australia on a Global scale in the FIFA scene, by representing Australia at the eNations Cup as well as winning ELeague Australia Season 2 and Qualifying for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. In that time, I finished 9th globally and was the highest ranked Australian player, all while playing for FUTWIZ.

I’d like to personally thank Dan and Ruan for everything they’ve done for me, they allowed me to make playing FIFA professionally a Full-Time job and for that I can’t thank them enough. We have had many ups and downs at events and online throughout my time at FUTWIZ but they’ve always been there for me and for that I can’t thank them enough. I recommend FUTWIZ to anyone in the FIFA scene as you can see the foundation, they have given me which has allowed me to begin reaching my full potential both regionally and internationally and I look forward to building on this in FIFA 21.

Lastly, I wanted to thank all the players I have been able to call team mates during my time at FUTWIZ as they have all become close friends of mine, whether that be at Global Events or at the HQ. They are a bunch of great lads and I hope they will continue to shine over the next year.
Obviously, my friendship with Jamie is something that I will treasure. Being his team mate over the last two years, I can honestly say we have become best mates and that wouldn’t have been possible without our connection at FUTWIZ. Nothing quite shows the heights we are able to achieve together as much as qualifying for the FIFA eClub World Cup, a first for Team FUTWIZ and capped it off with a top 16 finish as well as being Crowned E-League Premiers with Sydney FC for Season 2020.

My Contract ends at the end of August and want to explore my options for the future with the goal of qualifying for the FIFA eWorld Cup again. I do believe my best is yet to come and FIFA 21 is the perfect opportunity for me to establish myself as on one of the best players in the FIFA scene.

My Achievements:

FIFA 18:
• TOP 64 FUT Champions Cup Manchester
FIFA 19:
• TOP 16 PS4 FUT Champions Cup 3 Bucharest
• TOP 32 PS4 FUT Champions Cup 4 Atlanta
• TOP 16 PS4 FUT Champions Cup 5 Singapore
• TOP 16 PS4 FUT Champions Cup 6 London
• TOP 16, 2 Gfinity LQE’s
• WINNER ELeague Australia with Sydney FC
• TOP 32 PS4 Global Series Playoffs
• 9TH FIFA eWorld Cup 2019
• 16th in the world, 1ST in Australia on FIFA.GG rankings

FIFA 20:
• TOP 8 FUT Champions Cup 3 Atlanta
• 1ST Eleague Australia Premiers with Sydney FC
• TOP 16 FIFA eClub World Cup
• 2ND PS4 OCE Summer Series Cup
• 23th in the world, 1ST in Australia on FIFA.GG rankings

During the season I try and be as active on social media as possible, here are my stats:

Twitch: 10,200 Followers
Twitter: 10,000 Followers
Instagram: 2,200 Followers
YouTube: 650 Subscribers, looking to upload more consistently as primarily twitch was the main focus.

Dan has given permission for suitors to contact me,
If you are interested in partnering together for the FIFA 21 season and would like to contact me, please email: xMarkoHD@gmail.com or you can DM me on twitter.

All RTs are appreciated <3

Thank you

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