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26th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

GODSENT Ac - Disband

Less than 4 months, i joined the roster with some issues that we fixed fast. It was a new team, they were super hyped by what we could achieve (our main goal was CCS). We worked a lot, strats, praccs and we were ready. Our results in pracc were decent and the mentality at the top.
Due to Covid_19, CCS got relayed, and to prepare ourselves for the CCS we needed a new player since Ghosty wasn't able to do CCS.
We took m1loNN at first, we were, at our best level, we pracc and strat a lot more and we were ready as much as we could. After weeks, m1loNN got a better offer that he couldn't decline. We wish him good luck and we are going to find another one. We took T3b, results were good, and he got a better offer too, he had to leave.

It's been a month that we didn't strats, pracc (only 3/4 this month), when we pracc our results were poor and the issues (we had when i came to the team) came back. Some of the players had a lack of motivation because of lack of competitions...

After @SpoitR6's decision, we took the decision to separe ourselves as Spoit has 100% right : we work for nothing, no leagues are opens for underages' teams...
There is no bad bloods between the players and the staff.

This experience has been the one i enjoyed the most, players were everytime cool and respectful to me and Liinux and i only can thank them.

Let's write some words for each;
- NikkeS, the captain : Such a good hard breacher / IGL. Don't hesitate to make yourself heard more and to structure the plan.
- Ghosty : no doubt about what your future looks like, i know you'll be the best in denmark at your 18 ;) Wish you the best for your content creator's career.
- Chewie : Probably the hardest to coach, you made me crazy sometimes but i'm sure you'll get maturity you need and perform as you wish on Valorant.
- NiFsU : A bit disappointed about how we let you for being so shy, you need to take more confident on your gunfights and you're probably be better for your role.
- Spoit : The surprise, he has been one of the most coachable player i know, despite his notoriety, he is super humble and understand how to take criticisms : to help himslef to be better, i'm sure for your future, every teams will need someone as worker as you. Wish you the best in your content creator career.
- m1loNN : Thanks for helping us to fix some of our mistakes, it's the second time i have the pleasure to coach you and i'm definitely sure about what your future looks like, good luck champ.
- T3b : Thanks for the weeks in sub, a great player with a great mentality, wish you the best.
- Liinux : Liinux has helped me a lot for the coaching and analysis job, this man is just insane and every team need someone like him, he worked super had for an underage's team and i want thank him : good luck liinux :)

- GODSENT : The organization is super good, honestly this has been the best org i've been in. The amount of support they give is insane; hopefully it's just a good bye (;.

Sorry for my bad english, i don't know what i'm gonna do, be sure to contact me if you want to try me.


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