Parting ways with Tricked

Hello everyone, as you have already noticed, I've been pretty inactive on this social media and in LoL itself.

The reality of my personal life (and situation) has made me decide that it would fit best for me to part ways with Tricked Esport. Unlike other people, I don't like to be considered dead weight in a team, and right now, I know that I am not being productive enough to be a part of a professional team.

Tricked has given me every single tool, space, time and compreehension on the situation that I'm living in real life right now, but I have decided that Tricked players and staff deserve more in order to reach the goals of the project.

Therefore, as of today, I am no longer an assistant coach for Tricked.
Even though my "first" split as a coach was somewhat short, I enjoyed the experience very much and I wish them all the luck and the best for NLC 2020 Summer Playoffs.

I wanna also thank Morten, Peter, Pad, Supa, Shurpa, Weizor, Sof, Eren, Achuu and Flay for all of your time, for the chance and for making me feel like home in Tricked.

As for my personal future, I will focus on solving my IRL issues and on finding myself and what kind of path I wanna follow for the rest of my life.

Thank you all !

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