Omega · @r6_omega

24th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

LiViD/roster change statement

‪To help shed some light and clarify about what is going on, the roster changes that happened were not entirely the management alone. We were in last place at the end of the first stage and we needed a change and we all knew this. When the choice to remove coughe and spekky happen‬d I was surprised but understood where the management is coming from. They continued to be transparent and clear with Zigalo, Rowdy, and myself about the recruitment of Bryan and Hiperz. The management weighed in on our thoughts and feelings heavily with consideration on their recruitment and made it clear that bringing both of them onto the roster was a choice we players had a say on. In the end I was sorry to say good bye to teaming with two close friends, but am glad to say welcome to two new ones.

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