Action taken for allegations against Ramboss

Yesterday it was brought to light that several instances of slanderous and unfounded claims against Ramboss, a member of the Smash UK community, went unchallenged within our Discord server.

First and foremost, we would like to apologise to Ramboss for permitting this behaviour, and let it be known that we will be strongly enforcing providing sources for such serious claims in the future. It was not fair to allow members of our community to antagonise someone in such a way without providing a basis to support such claims. The last thing we want is for you, or anyone else, to feel unwelcome at our events.

Therefore we feel we must take action against these members of our community. Baseless slander has no place in our community and we believe it is only right to hold them to account.

In the case of Winter Dreams, they referred to the other party as ‘classist’. Ramboss found this particularly offensive given his background, and Winter provided no evidence to back up their claim. Therefore, we have decided to ban them from offline events and the Smash Ireland Discord for 6 months with the opportunity to appeal after 2 months.

In the case of Spade, he has offended Ramboss on multiple occasions before and since the tweet, whilst the contents of what he said would not constitute slander, spreading such a negative sentiment on Ramboss could likely have influenced opinion on him within the Discord server. We have decided to ban Spade from offline events and the Smash Ireland Discord server for 3 months with the opportunity to appeal after 1 month.

In the case of Jeshter, he has apologised to Ramboss and was forgiven for his statement. He did provide the basis for the claim directly to Ramboss and explained why he had called him transphobic. They have come to the conclusion that this was a misunderstanding that a number of people who saw the post, including the person who felt targeted by it, had come to. With this in mind, we are putting Jeshter under a probation period of 3 months from his role as admin, whereby he will be closely monitored. If he does not continue his behaviour, we plan to reinstate him as admin.

We would also like to state that Smash Ireland hopes to improve our relationship with the Smash UK community. We have noticed an increase in animosity between parts of both communities and hope to make a change moving forward. Going forward we want to work with the UK scene to create a more welcoming environment for players of both scenes.

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