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15th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

The future...

Lets start this off with what is happening.

I'm parting from mythic's starting/active roster as of today.
I'd like to thank everyone I've played with (fl0m, c0m, keiti, davey, polen) for providing a fun and semi relaxed environment as teammates and as people. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with them during my time this year.

Unfortunately, life picks up. I'll be going back to college full time and working full time. This means I wont really have any time for csgo even in general. I wont be playing any comp cs anymore from here on, maybe once I'm on breaks from college, but that's it. Fall classes start in a little, so I might play some cs during this time [fpl/pugs/rank s] but I promise it won't be a lot of those even. I haven't been in the happiest of moods lately, think a lot of it is stress unfortunately. Things have slowed down at least in terms of having to move etc at least. My main focus now will be on my mental health and getting to where I want to be in life. That future, never had a chance with cs... It's been a day after day hobby and I'm glad I got to know everyone that I did.

Thank you all for the support, it's been a ride.

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