RE: D&D, WotC, and Us

RE: D&D, WotC, and Us

We stand with our marginalized friends and allies, and believe it is imperative that companies provide supportive workplaces that prioritize equal, inclusive, and fair treatment of their employees. Unfortunately, WotC has continually failed to provide this kind of work environment, particularly to their most marginalized employees.

D&D and its settings in many ways belong to the community far more than any single corporate entity. However, it is also impossible to fully disentangle them right now. As a group, we agree that, as content creators (even small ones!), we have a greater responsibility to uphold our values and support our friends and community directly. Providing support - even tacitly - to WotC in this moment does not sit well with any of us.

After much discussion, we have decided that season 3 will be the last season of this particular story. We have been playing this campaign for two and a half years, and by the time this season is done we'll be over the three-year mark. That is a solid run and we're happy with the story we have told and where it will end.

Never fear, though! We will continue the show, but with a different system and new characters, full of the collaborative and narrative-based storytelling that you have all come to expect from us. We can't wait to tell new stories!

With love,

The Broads

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