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8th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My apology.

To keep this from being several threads i thought this would be easier as a twitlonger. I'm very sorry.

The kiss- I didn't kiss Mylene, I can talk to anyone who would like further evidence of this, but the point of this twitlonger is not to defend myself, it's to apologize. Also not that it matters i was 22 in 2017, i am 25 right now.

The slap - It did happen, it is something i deeply regret and i am very sorry that it did happen, I wish i could take it back but i can't so for that i truly apologize. I didn't do the slap out of rage, i was goofing around but regardless i shouldn't have done it in any sense, goofing, rage, or otherwise and for that i am truly sorry.

League- I am a toxic league player, i have been trying to not be as toxic over the years, but the game does bring out the worst in me a lot, any of my friends can tell you, I'm sorry for raging at you during the game, and I'm sorry to anyone else that I've raged at as well.

I am very sorry for being rude to you Mylene, I don't know if you will read this but I really am sorry for everything i mean it. I am going to work on myself, and on becoming a better person that won't make as many mistakes. I get caught up in the heat of the moment when it comes to gaming, and it has definitely been something that has been a common trend throughout my life i have noticed, I believe that i will try to become someone who can handle his emotions better, and not get lost in the moment. I sincerely am sorry to Mylene and everyone else that i may have hurt with my behavior, I will work on myself I promise.

Also i apologize to anyone i blocked last night, i was trying to block out everything, i should've just got off twitter instead of doing that, i am very sorry, i shouldn't try to just run away from things, i will work on this, i promise.

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