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7th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

In regards to the recent allegations made towards me

Hello Chicagoland Smash, my name is Tom or LSDX as the Smash community knows me by. Recently, my ex-girlfriend Chay (Kelsey) released allegations about me on twitter to the community. I heard about these allegations on the first of July, through discord, where people I considered my friends were condemning me. Having read the allegations, I completely understand why. I am accused of rape, and physical/emotional abuse that is disgusting in its nature.

Let me be clear that I totally deny these allegations. While Chay’s statements about our relationship contained some truth, I deny any rape, physical abuse, or intentional emotional abuse on my part. To clear myself of these allegations, I will have to discuss matters of a personal nature involving myself and Chay. These are matters that will violate Chay’s privacy, and out of a respect for her, I do not wish to make this matter public any more than it already has been. Therefore, I will follow up on this message with Chicagoland TO’s who will have to judge the evidence that I have gathered away from the public eye.

To all of you at Chicagoland Melee, Illinois Project +, and Chicagoland Ultimate, I am sorry that the safety and integrity of your community has been violated. The accusations against myself, Pooch, Vro, and others in the community at large are serious and I am glad they will be treated that way. While I have been vilified, I know that I am not the victim, unlike the victims of rape and abuse that are finding the courage to tell their stories. The Illinois Smash community will emerge from this stronger, whether or not I am still a part of it. I can only hope that the evidence I gathered will exonerate me in the eyes of our communities leaders, and that I will one day be able to put this ugly matter behind me.

As for those of you who demand to see my full story, ask yourselves this; is it because you want to be involved in finding the truth, or is it because you want to hear racy details about abuse and drama? I'd again like to reiterate that I'm leaving out specifics in this statement as to respect the privacy of everyone involved, that document will be in the hands and discretion of the local TO's; leave it to the people who will judge me. DM me if you have a good reason to see it.


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