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7th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Sky Williams

All you need to know about me in this is that I was just a huge fan of his who looked up to him as an inspiration. The only ever true interaction we had before this point was him messaging me to thank me for some fanart I made for him a year ago. I'd attempted to reach out to him only one other time and that was after Etika passed.

After the allegations by Jackie, I still had the conversation in my inbox so I asked if he could address the allegations against him. He replied almost immediately, asking me to make a list of things to address because he didn't want to miss anything. You can see my exact list in the screenshots, just know that some of my grammar is a bit off due to it being so early in the morning and me only having an hour of sleep so apologies for that.

He asked me to elaborate on the last one so I did via a screenshot form the google doc Jackie wrote. The last message he sent me, and the reason I made this TwitLonger, was that he was going to "spirit bomb" Jackie. I questioned him on it but he never replied after that point.

I believe this contradicts the way he acted on stream regarding her and genuinely I am disgusted by his actions. This was what woke me up personally even though I should have been earlier this year whilst he was acting like a super-villain on stream planning on getting revenge and pretending it was some sort of suspense film or something. This isn't a joke by the way, genuinely think the man needs to get help but I've been so blindsided to notice the bullshit.

Anyways, here's the Imgur link with our whole conversation:

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