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My experience with cobanermani456


I’m writing this because it seems most people do not know what happened between me and @/cobanermani456

It’s a shame I’m still dealing with this two years later because his fans still send me death and rape threats because he didn’t properly address on his YT what he did to me before deleting his twitter.

I know he said he left for his mental health. Could be also true since he did say to me that he was trying to leave. When I met him in 2016 he was not making content. He basically started putting Easter eggs in his video for me to get himself motivated to film ( I did not ask him to do it )

It felt pressuring because he made it as if I didn’t talk to him he’d stop making content again. So it’s a lot of ways it was manipulative and emotionally abusive

I can not post everything in this due to the fact I might still have to go to court and want to make sure the ground breaking evidence gets saved for trail ( if there is one) because he tried to get me to be silent and erase everything.

Anyway again : I had met cobi when he followed me in 2016. He liked a bunch of my tweets and then we were friends. He would talk to me about his relationship/ ex and I’d give him advice and then suddenly? He was obsessive towards me and wanted me to be with him.

There are times I wanted to be done but I felt like he’d take his life if I left. (And he’s actually said he would)

One time he was at this event called too many games and he told me Tw: mention of suicide

That he’d take his life at the event if I did not talk to him. At the time my PTSD was really bad so his constant threats of taking his life really took a toll on me.
This was very triggering for me and I told him how triggering it was since I am a survivor of suicide and have lost friends and family to it. And just overall triggering in general.

He did not stop.

Sometimes he’d say he was gonna give all his stuff to me and then turn off his phone after he sent me really scary messages about taking his life. Making it seem like it was the end.

I reached out to some of his friends and told them what he was doing and he got really upset at me and would call me screaming and even sent me a picture of a hole he had punched in the wall. I just wanted them to know I was trying to get away from him and if they could please help me because blocking did not work. Since he’d Create more pages.

I tried to Nicely leave him alone and that Didn’t work. I tried to be mean. I tried to help by getting him a therapist. He got one shortly. I thought even his therapist telling him to leave me alone would help. But it did not. I tried by telling his friends. It wasn’t my job to help him but when I felt like it was no way out after I would block him over and over? I had to out him to get him to stop.

I unblocked him from my phone because it was too anxiety inducing to get unknown calls ( also confusing because my family would some times call from unknown numbers, also scary because he knew he was blocked and still called)

And I did think with therapy he would actually get it and I wouldn’t hear from him. I did hear from him less but then it ramp right back up. And like I said unblocking him from my phone was easier because less unknown numbers etc.

I shouldn’t have to block or change my number in order to get someone to leave me alone.

And it was a lot of time he would tell me every other week he thinks he has something. He’d tell me he thinks he’d bipolar, etc. And would say he was gonna get some test to confirm. But never followed up ( at least never told me)

Even so he is violent outburst and the things he’d said about women in his past was scary. Saying he’d destroy them. Bragging to me about all the things he’s done to people to silence them.

I finally had the courage to speak up after he would not stop. And it was too much on my mental health. I had told him before I would out him publicly. But mentioned how I didn’t want his fans harassing me because I did. Ironically I was right. I still have his fans also begging me to talk to him just to get him to come back to YouTube.

Several girls have also reached out to me having similar experiences but a lot of them are scared to come forward after seeing what his fans had been doing to me. ( the harassing, the racism , the death and rape threats ) some even create new pages too once I block them.

Mental health is very important but him using his mental health as an exit rather than addressing what he did to me directly is not okay. I have a mental illness and I did not do that. He did express to me he was trying to quit yt for reason but I feel it’s strange he never said that as well in his “goodbye “ messages. Dealing with his emotional abuse the time I knew him is still taking a toll. But I most of all feel sad for the people who are too afraid. I know if he sent a lawyer to me to take down my article after another girl he was manipulating came to him about my article. He will do the same to others to scare them into silence.

EVERYTIME i would tweet he’d message me on some other app or send me my tweets. I asked him to give me the account names so I could block him. And that didn’t work because he just would keep making new ones.

I did not and will not take it down because everything I wrote is true. Strange because he was encouraging me to post my truth ( I guess he didn’t think so many people would see it) when I blocked him he’d get to the point of sending me messages through cashapp or PayPal. And at the time there was no block option. Then I changed my number again. Before that he was calling me on unknown numbers. Over and over. He did know where I lived so that’s also what made it scary when he’d say one day he’d just show up at my house.
I did file a police report with more evidence. Sadly they can only act if he physically harm me. (Which is sadly how people end up dead)

A lot of people knew of this he was doing to me but since they were his friends no one said anything.

I made very clear boundaries and he would cross them. By trying to use money or gifts to get me to answer him. That never worked. I’d ask him to stop and he would not. I think that was the only way he was use to getting peoples attention. Money. Financial manipulation would not work on me. Sadly again I’m not the only one with this type of story with him

When I outed him he messages all of my friends begging for forgiveness. Or anyone who mentioned me.( I also have screenshots of this and everything else)

If anyone wants to read my article I wrote here it is: https://medium.com/@KatHeartwell/i-never-thought-i-would-be-in-a-situation-of-stalking-or-harassing-after-experiencing-it-before-6903b1317c43
This article has many screenshots of the things he was saying and doing !
Thanks for reading. Happy to post anything that helps. And hopefully this will help the women who wrote me about him come forward whenever they are ready.

Thank you 💞

Much love to all people who are sharing their stories ( sorry this is a long read and thanks for all of your support

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