I'm Ash From Sandstorm

Hey everyone, I'm Ash Norlien and I am NOT a victim.
This is regarding the accusations between Westballz and I

I want to tell you all the actual truth to what has been going on~
I met Weston with a new friend named Chipy as we invited him to sit with us in our "Circle of friends" who were consistent of a large majority of the top players and any interested fans at the tournament. We all hung out the majority of the weekend as a group (documented on twitter and facebook), towards the end of the tournament Westballz used our tags "Chipy" in PM and "ASH" in melee when he competed in Top 8 as we suggested because we are fans of him. After that weekend I had kept in contact with Westballz and other players in the circle. He was never inappropriate and never got close to flirting with me that entire time.

I have not been contacted directly by any TO's and I haven't shared my story to anyone. I think it's disgusting that someone would post my school ID for an entire community of people to come after me. Thank you reading my story~ ^.^

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