No longer part of Howling eSports and EBL.

First of all, I want to start by saying that the past month has been a big roller coaster for myself. Going into the split I had no idea where I would end up, I had couple of decent offers, but I chose to go with the Howling team in EBL. They are a new org in the Balkan scene, so I knew there would be a lot of difficulties to overcome. Starting from the roster building and signing contracts, it was a really chaotic time I went through, something a player shouldn't experience going into a new team. Also having a competitively banned player that would result into us having to play first 3 games of EBL with a sub we didn't really scrim with, was not ideal as well.

Moving on to the start of the split, scrims were going pretty well, but we had obvious problems in the team that eventually we could have not overcame such as players not trusting each other, not feeling comfortable with each other, and most importantly players not being truthful and talking bad about others behind their backs, something that should never happen in a team environment.

Eventually, after losing 3 games in a row in the EBL, the organisation was obviously not happy with how things are going and demanded for something to change. By my understanding my coach and top made a suggestion to the org that they would bench me and our mid, and the coach moves to jungle since he was a jungler last split, my top going to mid since he is a mid laner and they find a new top laner.
I was told that the team is not happy with how I cannot lead the early to mid game as a jungler, and also about my inability to shotcall. I want to address that part a bit.
I have never experienced to play in a team where no one trusts no one, making it impossible for me to do my job properly, since almost always no one from the laners talked to me. We ended up not doing anything early game and have struggles to close out games since we didn't have a main shotcaller, and we were clueless. About the shotcall part, I've publicly announced that I am not a main shotcaller when looking for teams, so the team that reaches out to me can properly build the team to have a shotcaller on other lane.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone that reached out to me after hearing the news, it means a lot to me. Even though this split lasted only 1 month for me, I learnt a lot. I learnt to not fully trust the people I work with, since even the ones who are nice to you, and praise you, will screw you over in the first possible opportunity.

Quick mention: I've mutually agreed to terminate my contract with Howling eSports on good terms, and I wish them good luck in the rest of the season.

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