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6th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Taking a break from esports because of health issues

I am not going to be actively coaching the Misfits academy team. The Underdogs tournament was the last tournament where you could see me in this position, at least for now. Few weeks ago I reached out to our General Manager, Michael and I told him that I won't be able to lead the team because of my health issues. I expected them to just let me go and let me deal with everything on my own.

To my surprise, Misfits was super supportive. I thought that if I become a liability they wouldn't want to keep me, but instead they've shown that they understand me and care about me, allowing me to improve my health situation and declaring that I can come back whenever I'm feeling fine. Ever since then they're checking up on me and making sure I'm alright and on a good track to recovery.

Now to the health issues - I don't want to say specifically what's happening, as I don't think it's necessary. In general, I do not like to talk about issues that people can't really help me with. For quite some time now I've had signals of bad things happening to my physical health, but I've ignored them and continued pushing. Esports has become my whole life and I always prioritized it over everything, including myself.

I consider this whole situation a punishment for my stupidity. Because I ignored these singals, I'm now forced to step away from esports and basically try to save myself. I have been very active with content and social media, but I'm taking a step back from all this.

I also do not want to make any promises about my future. I will take things one step at the time and see where it gets me. Of course, I love esports and I hope my health issues will go away as soon as possible, so that I can continue doing what I love. But since I'm not certain if or when it will happen, I want to thank you all for supporting me for so many years <3 I hope to see you again on the Rift!

As for the academy boys, I'm going to miss them very much. They're a great bunch of guys and I hope to see them going to EU Masters. I know they can do it and Misfits came up with a solid plan as to what to do when I'm gone. Hopefully I can support the coaching staff ASAP.

I'd like to thank all my friends, fans and especially Misfits for being there for me when it's rough. It wasn't easy for me to take a step back, I was afraid to do that, but the amount of support they gave me really helped me a lot. So thank you <3

Thanks for the read guys, wanted to keep it quick but there was just a lot to talk about. To anyone reading, do not ignore your health issues, since they will always catch up to you eventually and will become much worse over time if you take no action. I had to learn it the hard way.

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