Final Post on the AmiiboKing accusation

So I didn’t actually see Dres live addressing the accusations that were brought against him but he apparently took it down. I had multiple people message me that my credibility was attacked whenever any new information was brought up to me i sent it directly to Ori to show the other TOs I wasn’t being shady or vindictive against Dre. We literally have to hold higher ups responsible for their actions (I know some of y’all don’t agree on this but I’ll address that later) Based on what I’m seeing is he deflected and brought up black culture, racism and his character into the topic.
1. You’re a grown man take responsibility for your actions the person he helped get drugs should also take responsibility for theirs and in the messages they sent me they told me their life has changed that they don’t do that anymore so congrats on defeating your demons but I’m also asking the TOs to implement a punishment on them since they also brought an illegal substance into the scene. How would you have felt if Dre had gotten a loved one of yours drugs like that? I bet you’d be singing a different tune but also Dre you’re telling me that as a father you wouldn’t try to hold someone accountable if they did something like that to one of your children?
2. Culture Racism and Environment while I can’t talk about black culture and the racism the black community faces I can talk about the similarities The Hispanic culture (specifically Mexicans) have. My culture glorifies the consumption, use, and selling of illegal substances as well it was rampant in my high school (not just weed but coke as well) but you know what I’ve never done? Played middle man for someone to get a drug that ruins people’s lives addiction, incarceration, being disowned by family and friends and DEATH are things the users and sellers of these drugs face. Just because our community and culture glorify it doesn’t mean we have to abide by their norms, we must want better for our community not keep it from growing and learning because that’s the easier route. Environment believe it or not I grew up in Inglewood CA and in SW Detroit but again guess what you don’t see me doing playing middle man I have seen what drugs to to communities and families and would never justify my actions because of what our environment normalizes something that shouldn’t be.
3. I’m not being vindictive to dre about the ryoku thing as he brought up, I simply decided to inform the TOs about what I witnessed in my hotel room, if something had happened to the person doing the drugs I would’ve been the one investigated not Dre, the room was in my name so any investigation would’ve started with me. I don’t think it’s fair to me or anyone else that was at that event that walked in on that person doing those drugs so I wanted to hold dre accountable for his role.
4. Everyone that witnessed the event messaged me about them writing up a twit longer to back up what I said but when the person changed the story from Dre being the contact to Dre being the middle man I told them not to speak up because I didn’t want them to get backlash like I did. The whole situation on the changing their story is also weird to me. If your plug or middleman ever called you and asked you have I ever sold you drugs would you be honest or lie? Clearly you’re not going to want to piss off someone in that “business” for your own safety, I’m not saying dre would’ve done anything to the person but in a moments notice when you receive a call like that you don’t have time to process what’s going on but since I’m not that person I can’t speak on what went through their mind, but I just wanted to bring up something that happened that I thought was suspicious.
5. Also this isn’t cancel culture, why is it so bad to want to hold people responsible (with a justified punishment) for their actions. I see some of you tweeting stuff like (and I’m paraphrasing) well why did it take so long to bring this up if it was such a big deal? I’ve used weed before should I get cancelled? He’s changed we can’t ignore that fact! And finally the well you’re a nobody and he’s a somebody so I’m more inclined to believe him. While I do agree dre has changed from when I first met him I have to ask you guys to stop making excuses for him, it’s those same excuses that victims of more serious issues won’t come forward because they haven’t moved on from the trauma and the fear of this kind of retaliation against them (I’m not a victim but just wanted you guys to choose your words wisely)
Finally I’ll use this post to say I’m leaving the smash scene and not returning, while I know not all of you think I’m going after Dre as a personal vendetta I’m seeing his supporters making it seem like the timing of my accusation is lazy, suspicious and unwarranted. Y’all should strive to make the community a safer place and hold those in position of power as well as all toxic/repeat/abusers responsible for their actions. I’ll miss y’all and hope you guys can make the scene what it really should be maybe then I’ll return but as of now I’m hanging up my controller I’ll go invest my time on other things.


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