This is my "statement."

Okay, so basically...

First off, I'd like to apologize for the message the screenshots might send anyone that reads them. I recognize what that looks like and how it makes everyone feel. I just want everyone to know that they do not tell the whole story, so I'll begin by first discussing the information that I had at first.

For starters, Zack is a friend of mine. He's always been very emotional, and I've seen him struggle with romantic relationships a lot. He typically is unhappy because of this.

Now let's get to Nairo. Like Zack, I always thought of Nairo to be very young, and Nairo and I are not very close. I legitimately believed Nairo was underaged just like Zack. That is PRECISELY why I never questioned anything. Not only that, but Zack seemed genuinely happy, something I wasn't used to seeing from him with relationships. In the screenshots, I was supporting him being happy in a way that he would understand. That is the truth. I was just trying to help a friend appreciate their own happiness in a rare moment.

It wasn't until Wrath's allegations on twitter that I started to realize I might have made a mistake. For reference, here is Wrath's tweet about Zack and Nairo. ( )

I then decided to google Nairo's age, and that's what confirmed it for me. I didn't know Nairo like that, nor was I nosy about him. All I knew was that everyone I KNEW said Nairo was really young. I also learned that Zack was around during the brawl era. Based on this, I assumed Zack dating him was fine and that they were around the same age. (This made a lot of sense to me because Zack entered brawl at CEO Dreamland 2017 too and was oddly good at the game. I also played Zack at Super Smash Con in some friendlies in brawl and remember going Sheik and spamming DACUS vs him).

I seriously didn't know how old Nairo was and obviously I was wrong to assume,

I'm VERY VERY sorry about that.

I didn't know about the age gap between the two and that was the reason I didn't discourage the relationship. I wanted to be supportive of my friend and I wanted him to be happy, because from my knowledge, he's often had relationship issues.

Now that I knew Nairo was older, I got serious about everything. I began REALLY investigating. My mind immediately started to think there was a possibility that Zack was blackmailing Nairo or maybe Nairo was scared that people would find out that he was dating Zack. I didn't know what to believe. I contacted friends of mine that I trust, and finally Zack on this.


Both Nairo and Zack denied these allegations publicly as well. Unfortunately, that tweet thread is deleted.

Both of them lied about it publicly and Zack apologized to me about it directly here:

Soon after Zack tweeted saying he was gonna come forward and that his friends were convincing him to do so.

So that's it. It's just all a big misunderstanding really. Sorry if these things came out to look like something else. If I knew things beforehand... believe me, I would've done something about it. I try to not butt into people's business but I somehow get in the middle of things here. I'm really sorry.

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