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6th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

regarding my ex boyfriend westballz

I dated Wes in 2019 up until this April. We split up amicably because I got a new job and went back to pursuing my degree so the long distance was difficult to keep up with. Please read this from start to finish before making any judgement.

Looking back, the time I had with Wes was nothing short of wonderful. I'm not active in the smash community, but I know Wes on a very personal level probably better than anyone else right now. The second I saw these allegations I KNEW that they were false and misleading. Wes is not the kind of person that he's been publicly painted as the past few days.

Regarding the groping by the waist:
Wes's body language tends to be physical in a friendly manner when he's in a good mood, but he would NEVER touch a woman by the waist. That just sounds so utterly out of character for him. But by now, it's evident that the person making these allegations had such poor evidence to back up her obviously false claims and has the malicious intent of stirring up drama. This person has hated Wes for years, and is NOT a reliable source of information.

Regarding the asian fetish:
I am asian. I knew that I was Wes's type, but I'm a mature adult and never interpreted it as a perverted fetish. And it isn't. Having a type is NOT a fetish. Victimizing yourself and exaggerating such a minor personal detail about someone is utterly disgusting. And regarding the tweet itself, we MUST consider the fact that there is no actual substance to it. Is there anything in that tweet that shows evidence of anything Wes has personally said HIMSELF? No. It's 4 screenshots of what OTHER people have said about Wes. It's bullshit. Don't give people the platform to paint their own image of other people.

Regardless of my relationship with Wes, I'm here to say that this nonsense NEEDS to come to an end. The online #MeToo movement is about rape, sexual misconduct, and legitimate pedophilia; but this has just gone too far. Exposing people for petty cheating, or simply being a bad boyfriend/girlfriend, does NOT fall under the same umbrella. This needs to be about the real victims that are suffering, and by publicly exposing such petty personal information about someone and painting it as abuse is wrong and disgusting. You take away the voice of the real victims of rape and sexual abuse and delegitimize their accusations with your petty nonsense. Do not give these people the attention they seek so much.

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