With all that has been coming out regarding the smash community I think its finally time i come out with mine as well. A couple of my friends knew about this but i was very hesitant on ever making this situation coming to light to the public but I now realize that we should NOT allow these people within the communities and i just want to send my heart out to every other victim that has come to light within the week because your strength to come out with your story and experience made me realize I should do the same.

The person I wanted to talk about is a smash player who goes by the name of Agent Paper. I was 16 and we met through a random chatting website (I forgot the name of because it wasn't that popular) but we found out we were both in Cali and after some talking we eventually exchanged our kik usernames and talked about hanging out. I never lied about my age and he knew that I was 16.(Sadly I do not have the kik conversations as kik deletes them once you log out)He told me he was 18 and I believed him and so we continued to talk and eventually flirt, sext, and sent pictures of myself to him as well as him sending me pictures of himself too. Fast forward to about a month or two after talking where we finally got to hang out together at a mall. At the time I really did want to see him because as being a 16 year old with divorced parents and a dysfunctional family of course i felt special as he would tell me things like how mature for my age i was.Later when I did get to the mall I saw him and realized that this was a much older man. I realized it was too late to do anything and I felt obligated to stay.He talked about how he was a smash player and I still remember waiting in the line for starbucks with him and making a 'joke' to me saying "let's just pretend you're 18" and only to figure out that this man was 28 years old. I also remember us sitting down and he sat next to me and had his hand rested on my thigh and rubbing my thigh up and down. I talked about my family situation while we were sitting down and I really didn't want to be there anymore so I had asked one of my parents to pick me up and after our hang out at the mall he kept saying how much he wanted to see me again, get a motel together and drink, etc. By far one of the creepiest things he did and mind you i was still 16 was that he said he bought me a pink bra and thong from Victoria Secret and wanted to give it to me the next time I saw him. He constantly would call me big booty when he would text me. Around the time I turned 18 I finally realized that what he did was NOT okay. He continued to be creepy and message me and until I got a boyfriend I would mostly just ignore him and yet he would still send me creepy shit. I was at a weird point in my life to the other 2 years I kept quiet about because I remember talking to one of my friends about this and debating just blocking him entirely and never letting him contact me again or eventually come out with the story im telling you now. For years I struggled with this and whether I was in the wrong or not and now I finally realize i wasn't. I was a victim, he was and is a grown man who tried to still pursue me for years. I have some screenshots below that I will post that shows just how creepy he could be.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, we cant allow these predators to thrive within the community and once again my heart goes out to every other vitcim within the community who had to go through this and stay silent for so long, if it weren't for you I would have never gotten the courage to do so.

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