Official MISU Statement Regarding Amiiboking

Earlier this week a twitlonger provided by @gamerllany was brought to the attention of Michigan Smash Ultimate (MISU) Tournament Organizers regarding an incident between a Michigan Smash 4 TO/Figurehead, Amiiboking (Kevandre Thompson), and a local High School aged player that transpired over the weekend of Frostbite 2017 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Link to original Twitlonger for full details of the original allegations:

The allegation found in this twitlonger suggests that the Amiiboking had sold narcotics to the High School Player during the course of the event weekend. Upon finding this information out, we, the MISU TOs, began conducting an investigation into the allegations to see if they were true. After reaching out to all involved parties, we discovered that Amiiboking had not sold narcotics to the individual like it was originally claimed. Through our investigation, and as it is presented in Llany’s second tweet found below, we learned that Amiiboking instead had directed the player to someone who could assist him in acquiring the narcotics. This is also confirmed in a recorded voice statement and in messages which can be found below.

Llany’s Second Tweet:
Amiiboking’s Confirmation:

This afternoon, while discussing other community issues from this previous week, the MISU TOs had a 2 hour-long roundtable discussion on this specific case. We all believe that in no possible scenario should anyone, especially a TO/Figurehead, be advising anyone on where they can acquire narcotics. This goes against the very base of what it means to be a TO/community leader, especially ones who strive to create a safe environment for players of all ages. During the call with him, as he explained his side of the situation, he continued to downplay it and not acknowledge the severity of his actions. Due to this continued dismissal of the situation we have come to the following conclusion.

Effective Immediately, Amiiboking (Kevandre Thompson) is being permanently removed as a TO and Community Figurehead of Michigan Smash Ultimate. Due to Amiiboking’s extensive reach as a TO, Marketing Expert, and Equipment Provider for multiple Major Events and Organizations, we encourage other competitive scenes within Michigan, and around the country, to follow our judgment call.

In addition to his removal, we are instigating a player ban on Amiiboking for 1 Year. This ban will begin with the start of the next Michigan Smash Ultimate Power Rankings Season. During this time, Amiiboking will have the following clauses attached to his ban.
[1] Amiiboking cannot have any presence at any Smash Events in any capacity.
[2] If Amiiboking is found to have participated in any Smash Events, he can have his punishment extended or become permanent.

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