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5th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

A Kaptn’s new life

‪After months being away from social media, I am coming back as the Kaptn that people once knew and loved. I want to start a new path, cause this year fucking sucks. Nothing well has been going on. Forest Fires, Covid-19, raiders, and now the Smash Bros Community gets hit. It is bullshit now that I noticed pro players have been exposed now of what they done. They have done SO MUCH worse than what I did. I have done perverted messaging. I never asked for nude pics or I sent nude pics of myself. Back from December, where it all started, I made terrible mistakes as I wanted someone to be by my side. I have given love to other people, but they never gave me true love back. I was greedy, consumed by jealousy. That was when a week before when the first crew I was ever in was in SCS community, Elements of Destruction, had to be disbanded. I had the greatest time of my life in that crew and SCS, being in the Top 50 spot out of over 1,000 players! I was depressed at that time as I missed my old crew mates. I just got so depressed that I lost my focus of wanting to accomplish my dream. Then Kongo Saga was on, seeing KirbyKid, Ben Gold and other K Rool mains, having fun there as I was suffering of deep depression and jealousy. What I should have realized was what I accomplished compared to other people. Being a top notch Bowler back in my High School years, having fun at my trade school, meeting new friends, learned how to play Yugioh and becoming the best duelist in my trade school after learning the game for 2 months. My friends there nicknamed me “Kaiba” cause my first deck I ever made was Blue-Eyes and I kicked ass with it. After being away from Social Media, I have been feeling so much better. Much more self control and learn before I speak, getting therapy sessions almost every Friday, and I have been back to working also, busting my ass off to work on a better life ahead. I been too greedy, too selfish as I focused on my friends more than myself. That’s what Soul Shadow, the leader of Avalon taught me. And Lies, giving me the best advice after suffering for so long. And that’s to move on as I tell the world my mistakes and the drama that has occurred and fixing my mistakes. I may still get hate and get harassed while I move on, but it will definitely feel so much better for me to come back as the Kaptn and start anew. It honestly feels a lot better to get it out of me cause I don’t want to give up my fucking dream, and that’s to show the world what I can capable of as a K Rool main!

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