Addressing recent Cloud9 employee statements

Yesterday a Cloud9 employee made statements on her personal Twitter account regarding an LCS player’s use of a police skin in a game. We’ve heard the community’s feedback, and we agree -- these comments were ill-conceived and objectionable. These are tense times, and urgent issues are being discussed publicly and privately. Cloud9 believes serious, civil discourse on these issues is important. We also believe that threats to publicly label anyone as prejudiced cannot be made lightly -- the resulting personal and professional outcomes can be life-changing.

We have a clear policy regarding social media content that applies to any Cloud9 staff member choosing to highlight that affiliation (through the use of a Cloud9 header or similar asset) and will address any violation of that policy internally. Additionally, Mae and Jack have reached out personally to the player involved to apologize.

Finally, we ask those who were offended by these comments to refrain from personal attacks and threats. Cloud9 is known for developing unproven talent in the LCS. We believe that there’s a champion in everyone, and that belief extends across our teams, our staff, our fans, and beyond. Choosing to see that potential isn’t always easy. It requires you to invest time and effort into people despite the way you may feel about their politics or their appearance. But seeing that potential in someone and helping them to realize it is always worth that effort.

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