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5th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Krissy Victory

I've read the claims that Krissy Victory has made about our previous encounters and I can assure that they were both consensual in nature. Below is a full recount of the day in question along with screen shots of more full view of our facebook chats.

The weekend of comic con comes up and she tells me shes going and that we should meet up. I think I got off work and got to the after party a some time after midnight. She proceeds to introduces me to some guy she called her best friend but I cant remember his name but he was a bigger dude. She also said she had a room at the Moxy with him. We chill for a bit take some shots and were just mingling and walking around. The venue starts closing soon after and now were both trying to find her friend. We dont find him and he's not answering the phone so she ask can she stay with me in which i agreed but I told her I have work the next afternoon and she said she had comic con in the morning anyway. She says we have to eat first then and that she had to use the bathroom. Since the bar was closing,the security told us only the upstairs bathroom was open which was an area that had already been closed off to the public. We both go to the bathroom, me going in first to use it and her going second while I stood outside. After a while the door opens and she ask me where is everyone and kind of peeked around and then we made out before stepping into the bathroom and continuing. She began to perform oral sex before we actually started having intercourse but we stopped pretty fast out of fear of getting caught by the security guard that let us up. We then proceed to leave to get food.

We arrive at Woo Hop restaurant in Chinatown NY. We were there for about 45 minutes eating, talking, taking pictures and she was on her phone throughout this time. At one point she ask me to take a picture of her with my glasses on so i send it to her in messanger. We then got whatever food we didnt finish to go and we went back to my place and went straight to sleep. She then wakes me up the next morning and ask me if I saw her phone and we proceed to look for it around the room and house for about 20 minutes. After we couldnt find the phone we I messages lyft to try to get in contact with the driver. During the time we were waiting for the reply we proceeded to have sex again with her even on top at one point and asking me to finish in her mouth. After we finished she asked me to warm up her food and make her hot tea and I played marvel online for about an hour while she ate, talked and used my laptop to try to talk to her friends. During the conversations we were having during this time she asked me about Ryan and do I think she has a chance with dating him and I told her probably not because she openly admits to having sex with multiple of his friends to him and her reply was something along the lines of "so i guess we shouldnt tell him about this" and I said okay knowing he wouldnt care even if he knew. At some point she asked me to pay for her ride share to get to the con in which I informed her that the train down the street stops right in front of the convention to which she replied "I dont do trains" and I told her I wasn't going to pay 60 dollars for her uber when the train was 3. At this time she proceeds to message the guy she referred to as her best friend and he ubers to my house to pick her up, she kisses me good bye on the lips and i walk her to the front door and wave and say hello to her friend and they both get in the uber and leave.

Throughout the day she is messaging me and asking me if the driver has contacted me and when he finally does I send her all his information. She eventually messages me that she got her phone back and that she was about to go on a big rant because of all the trouble she had to go through to get her phone and that she'll talk to me later. I thought nothing of it and just thought she'd message the next day but she didnt and the day after that I went to message her just to see that I was blocked.

Now fast forward to the week of twitch con, I get a phone call from Ryan that a day or two before the con and he's very upset and ask me did I have sex with Krissy. I told him yes and asked him how he knew because i still hadnt told anyone and he tells me she said I raped her and asked me for my version of events. He listened and told me he doesn't know what to think and that he needs to talk to her in person when he sees her again at the con. According to Ryan, her and Ryan met up at twitchcon and they talked about it again and Ryan said he heard tell conflicting stories to multiple people (I guess the two other people she listed in her twitlonger) of what happened and asked her to be straight and honest with him. She proceeded to tell him that she did lie about it so in case he found out he wouldnt be mad at her and she might still have a chance of being in an actual relationship with him but instead he told her he didnt want relationship and that it was terrible that she lied about it in the first place. After this conversation with her, Ryan proceeded to call me and told me what happened and that she admitted to it and I just told him to lets just leave it alone.

With all this being said now, I have seeked legal counsel and I can't divulge everything, the lawyer did ask if I'd be willing to submit a lie detector test even though it can not be used in court and I did tell him I am willing to not only submit to but I will pay for any accredited polygraph examination (which is ranges from 650 to 1200) or hypnotherapy session in order to confirm any of the statements I've made and would even be willing to pay for half of her cost to do the same at any accredited place of her choosing as long as the full session is recorded. Since most of this is her word vs mine, he also said naming places we were at would help since we live in a world of technology we had to be caught on some type of recording device in the bar and or restaurant so she may still be able to obtain any video to prove the overtly drunken state she claimed to be since I said we were conversing and taking pictures in the restaurant and she was messaging people. There is also no statue of limitations for rape in New York so if these claims are true, using the information gathered from all of this should be enough for her to at least start a real investigation into the matter so thats what should be done if these allegations are indeed real. But when its found to false, I just want to know that justice will be bought to someone falsely accusing someone of something this heinous

Below are messages between her and Ryan after Twitchcon where Ryan expressed to her his disappointment for lying.

Below is a more full view of facebook conversations

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