All Caps threaten to physically assault me, Neutral Ground failed to handle it

All Caps threaten to physically assault me, Neutral Ground failed to handle the situation correctly and he was given no punishment for it. I’m out

On Jan 7th 2020 Neutral Ground TOs issued 1 month suspensions to three players ( A day later I was contacted by a NG TO to discuss feedback on their Code of Conduct as well as to alert me that one of the suspended players was All Caps and that at the venue he had said, in front of 3 of the NG TOs and two other players, that he wanted to physically attack me. At the meeting we discussed improvements to their CoC and how to better respond to incidents as this was their first and they were understandably inexperienced in dealing with this type of interaction. They had made mistakes and apologized to me for not letting me know threats were issued against me earlier, as Jan 7th was not the date of the threats, just the suspensions. After discussing improvements I was upfront with the TOs in attendance that unless there was an extension to All Caps suspension that MiMas and myself would not be supporting NG as the 1 month suspension was related to actions against one of the other three players suspended and not the threats made against me. This was not made as a threat, but that simply Jay Gary the player and victim was not comfortable with the light punishment but they are their own function and can come to their own decision. The meeting ended with the decision to come at a later date as they were getting CoC feedback from other parties and one of the TOs was not able to attend that night.

Roughly a week later I was contacted by an NG TO to alert me that although they agreed that All Caps should have received a longer suspension, they did not think the right move was to extend any of the suspensions as they saw it in bad form and would confuse the community (assumedly because this extension would have come out 2+ weeks from the initial public suspension, but this is only my speculation). I remember it being discussed by the NG TOs at the aforementioned meeting that because Caps had reacted negatively to being suspended and claimed he would not return to the event, that the situation may have resolved itself as he would not come back. This was not the case as the Feb 10th Neutral Ground shows Caps in attendance ( as well as him continuing to attend as the dates go on ( and . This left me with no guarantee for my safety if I was ever to return to locals and, as there was no public knowledge that Caps had threatened me, any news about it would have to come from my mouth which would incur a shitstorm. I simply left and stayed quiet because MiMas 2020 was only months away and I could not risk more local bad publicity against myself for speaking up or the stress of going through it. As of a couple days ago Neutral Ground has admitted their mishandling of the situation (, however this still does not out Caps as the person who threatened me, which is important because this is a repeat offense.

Caps was banned from Michigan Masters in 2018 ( for making threats of violence and was banned from Youmacon in 2019 ( for continued disregard of behavior, all of which is logged in this thread (, however there has never been any sort of action taken at a local Metro-Detroit level, 1 month suspension aside, as he is constantly defended locally. Mia went to bat for me earlier this week ( and was met with the ever-common comments that they are not part of the community therefore they should not comment (, speaking down to those who have long stopped coming out to events (, and the newest attempt to paint me as a racist by claiming i’m out here throwing n words around at events (, a claim that might have held water in 2013 or so when I was a shithead using language not mine to use but is laughable in 2020 or any recent year. The community would rather bend over backwards to keep the status quo than ever remove the institution of players that keep this behavior alive.

Many have left the Metro-Detroit scene over the years, others still attend but under regret/duress (, this is hardly new news to those who have been around. Do not buy into any comments that the scene is growing or healing, they refuse to address even the most obvious of issues or properly defend the victims. MiMas and Youmacon made our bans to ensure the safety of our attendees and community, it is honestly insane that no local event, be it Neutral Ground, Grand Finals Gaming, etc, adopted these bans in any capacity. The only local that actually did was VTT Smash, a Smash weekly that added FGC games specifically as the result of NG’s lack of action. I have always said that the community does not have the privilege of an exit interview when someone decides to leave, let this be mine; my name has been dragged through the mud for years for trying to make safer events happen in this state and if the culmination of that effort ends in someone being able to tell TOs to their face that they wish to attack me and get away basically scott free, then why on Earth would I stick around.

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