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PBnJ - throne of lies! (No! PBnJ this was not "false" too) from the girl from AU

Before I begin I want to thank Risu who reported this! Without her I wouldn't have had the courage to re-release my statement during these terrible circumstances. I always thought I was just one of those isolated incidences and it was just bad luck, so it was interesting to know it wasn't. I hope you all the best Risu. :)

I just want to make this clear! This happened in 2015 at BAM 7. However say what you may, this was incredibly hard to prove back then (Even when a statement was released back on reddit -This was over 5 years ago - Yikes!

So to get back to the point, after the statement was released (I will copy paste + OG link soon I pinky promise) I felt nothing was done. For years, PBnJ still had his Smash Studios, still had his Momocons, still got donated the Smashbox thingy whilst I had to mange my shitty anxiety and paranoia ever since PBnJ got reported to the TO's and got kicked out of Australia. Sometimes it's the aftermath rather than the incident itself that is more stressful! Isn't that wild? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Yes it can be but I had to point that issue out which I feel so a lot of people go through regardless of gender or situation.

I literally felt that I ruined the reputation of Australian Smash community (Mainly VIC) back in 2015 and there after. I thought that no 'internationals' or 'internats' (That's what we call overseas Smash players) would ever come to any future BAMS (Battle Area Melbourne) events again. These thoughts were driving me crazy. Guilty is a good word too so I will use that.

I didn't want to go to tournaments or compete after that for at least a good year in 2015/2016 Then after that it was extremely rare , maybe going to 1 or 2 events if I mentally could, as I thought that people would be shitty at me even though I was over thinking it at the time. Perhaps it was true but I just didn't know. I didn't want people looking at me as I walk in as the atmosphere felt crazy (in my mind) that this was the girl that ruined AU (Australian) Smash :( So my way of coping was like of helllll no. Not gonna go. (Just in case)

I wanted to go the an international tournament like say *cough* EVO or Genesis! But alas I was scared to 'bump' into PBnJ that I wouldn't be able to relax and take in the tournament vibes. So I was like nope! Saving that 2k airfare. Not worth.

Now here is the part I promised. The Original Link and Statement into Twitlonger. This is 5 years old now:

Copy Paste Statement

"As you guys already know there was an incident two nights before BAM 7 officially started, however PB&J got DQ the night before BAM 7, during the Project M unofficial tournament, not during the ‘Official’ event just to make everything more clear and accurate as possible.

Everything PB&J said was true and accurate and I am not disputing that however he missed an important key detail of what actually happened in the car. We didn’t just “cuddle up” he did something that made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable and worried regarding my trust and safety of PB&J.

He was rubbing my upper and inner thigh and felt like he wanted to go further and used my jacket to hide that from the front driver and passenger of the car, then he got my hand and placed it on his “hard one’’ but I pulled my hand away. Then he tried to put my hand down his pants and at that point I realised what he was doing, I retracted my hand, yet again and I moved myself away from him as much as I could in the backseat. Yes I was intoxicated that is fact, however he knew that and took advantage of me.

PB&J was a fantastic guy all night. But what he did to me in the car was unacceptable."

I hope this twitlonger helps! Not sure how to end it but hope we can get back to competing in the near future with no glaring issues in the Smash community. Excuse the typos :'(. You can refer to me as 'The girl from AU'

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