My final response to Chemx and the rest of twitter

What a lot of you don’t seem to understand is I am a grown woman now. I know what is right and wrong and what is being talked about is my life, not anyone else’s. Chemx didn’t live it, she saw messages (not even what she claimed to see) and ran with it getting jealous (she literally said she was jealous.) I don’t think RockCrock took any of it serious or he never would’ve said what he said to Chemx nor my brother Renth. None of you know me personally, so you don’t know that my brothers were all much older than me so I always ended up being friends with their friends. Simply because I was like a little sister to them, they talked to me and took care of me like I was their own little sister. Things were always joked about with me (as in I was involved in the jokes) because I was very mature since I grew up with all older brothers (closest being 9 years older then me.) None of it was taken serious, none of it was meant seriously. If anyone were to disrespect me, hurt me, degrade me, etc. they always came to my aide. Being friends with someone older (I was always friends with people 4+ years older than myself) is not gross, it’s not being a pedofile, it’s just helping to pass on advice and life experience to someone who needs guidance. I was a wreckless teenager, I always was doing dumb things and who was there to save me? Not my brothers because they all lived in different states, it was their friends who became my friends. All of this has become so hard for me to handle because it’s my life that someone else is playing with and using to degrade and try to destroy someone who was nothing but kind to me. Things should’ve stuck to her and only her, not someone she’s never met nor talked to. If she would’ve spoken to me I could’ve cleared her conscious on any of that but she didn’t and she just ran with what she chose to believe. If any of what she said was true then my mother and brothers would’ve had him in prison or worse. What she’s saying happened was dealt with 8 years ago, but she didn’t care she just wanted to drag him through the dirt. I can’t help but cry constantly over this situation because he doesn’t deserve any of this, and I’m the cause of most of this, simply because he chose to talk to me and help me get through a difficult time for any teenager. I’ve been drinking more than usual because I’m being used. I don’t care about whatever else she has to say, I just want anything having to with me to be taken out and for my life to stop being used as a pawn. None of you could understand my pain nor my position on any of this and I don’t think any of you actually care. You chose to believe someone who never lived any of this and is choosing to use someone else who they never thought would come forward to clear any of this up or ever hear of it. Once I spoke up, I was blocked. Clearly none of you are seeing the simple fact that, I spoke the truth of my life and was blocked because it didn’t fit her narrative and help destroy him. Please stop using me to paint him as something he is not, I’m so tired of all of this. I’m tired of being attacked and question relentlessly because what I say about my life and her allegations don’t add up, well newsflash it was my life not hers so of course it’s not going to add up. Stick to her relationship and not anything having to do with me and my life because if any of you harass him or continue painting him as a pedofile it’s going to be detrimental to my mental health. I have been sexually assaulted and would never call someone a liar unless there was truth behind it. I was called a liar countless times when I spoke up about my assault, I have diagnosed PTSD, major depression, and anxiety. I’m tired, I’m depressed, and being used is just making my life worse when there was no need for any of this.

RockCrock was always a gentleman, he doesn’t deserve this. Please please please I am begging you all to stop the witch hunt and believe the person that lived what is being said, because I’m losing my mind and hate being called a liar when it’s my life and no one else’s.

I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I’ve had a few drinks and I’ve been crying so a lot of this was typed up in a hurry to remember everything I have to say.

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