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5th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

About Mittens

I know you probably won't, but if you're from my family please don't read this, I don't wanna talk about this to you yet and I don't know if I will for some time.

Hello everyone. I'm gonna make it this simple and straight to the point. About Mittens.

Mittens is a Smash player who has gone to tournaments and probably will in the future.

Mittens earlier confessed to being a predator. Here is the TwitLonger: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sra4ar

However, there are many lies and misinformation. If any victims would like to speak about their experiences, they may do so, I don't have the right to share anything from them if they don't feel ready. What I went through was him constantly... hinting and... more than hinting if u get what I mean). It happened relatively frequently along with normal conversations. Addressing what he said. I am 14, we have never met in person. He continually tried talking to me after confessing and making me feel uncomfortable (which he knew). Me "eventually noticing" was bullshit. I knew he liked me, he kept on doing stuff, and i didn't do anything because I was being stupid. I have blocked him twice, once immediately after him confessing (a softblock, and we started talking again after some time), and more recently, 2-3 weeks ago (hard block until he made the TwitLonger).

His account is currently locked and he blocked me, and I assume a lot of tweets will be deleted. Multiple people will tell you that he admitted he lied in a separate post. In that post, however, he still did not tell the truth. He also said he never encountered a 15 year old girl and that was a lie to make him look worse. Which is... weird. Two (?) days ago he also posted screenshots of DMs with two victims, all of which have been deleted, but were left up for quite some time.

Anyway, below I have a screenshot of proof he knew I was 14, and proof he was open about the 15 year old girl situation. He has been banned in some Texas locals, but the situation hasn't caught enough wind to go elsewhere. He has said he has intentions to move, and was looking for somewhere to move for quite some time. I should also say that he is locked and has blocked me again (Mittens_SSBU), so I can't get any more screenshots, but so many people say the tweets that can confirm they exist. I deleted convos with him so my parents wouldn't see.

I don't know if any other victims wanna talk about their experiences, but I think they are all willing to confirm they were victims of Mittens. I will DM them this post asking if theyd like to share anything.

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