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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My wrongdoings towards @Milkche_

The actions that I have committed towards Milkche was wrong and I humbly apologize for it. We met at a XenoSaga and yes I introduced myself as her favorite player’s brother. I definitely should have said something before and was ignorant towards my own actions.

There’s literally no justifiable reason to do what I’ve done so I’m not going to defend myself on that. I had to have ZTN point it out the awkward vibe social cues that she was giving and I was ignorant towards. I messaged Milkche on IG on October 3rd of 2019 and we eventually reached a conversation that I had consent to pat her head -

This picture only shows proof of consent to patting her head and NOT touching hair which again I was wrong about I want to make that clear. It’s just proof of what started me feeling comfortable which still isn’t OKAY to do.

Basically I was comfortable doing that and it escalated. The reason why is because I’ve seen her with ZTN and Extra O and thought I was apart of the in crowd. I assumed it was okay to do what they were doing. Putting my head on her shoulder from time to time to patting her head escalated to my brushing her hair (yeah without consent weird I know) and giving her a peck on the forehead. She has every right to feel uncomfortable for sure nobody and I repeat NOBODY can tell a victim how to feel so I get that she’s uncomfortable and how she can feel uncomfortable with my choices that I deliberately made on my own accord.

To clarify what I mean on what both ZTN and Extra O have done was cutzie things such as like hugs and laying down on each other sitting on each other’s laps and I on my own accord to decide to do a few of those things stupidly not considering how the other person feels. Which is why I committed those actions doesn’t make it right but I’ll own up to doing it.


Yes we did go out to karaoke and we were just having fun with me, Extra O, Milkche and a few others. What I have done was recommend some songs and eventually someone played a Naruto song which to play. So we played it when that occurred Milkche recorded a video of me and her bobbing our heads back and forth to the song and singing along. I had my hand around her shoulder and she seemed okay with that but I cannot speak from appearance from how she felt. In that moment however, we JUST did that. I didn’t touch her thighs I didn’t touch her butt. I wouldn’t take advantage of someone like that. As ignorant as I have proven to be in this Twitlonger, I know for sure I wouldn’t do anything that juvenile. I have kissed Milkche on the forehead: Yes. I have brushed her hair: Yes.. Both with no consent and that’s wrong for sure. But I did NOT feel up on her thighs or butt. For the things I have done I am truly sorry to her for how I made her feel.

If I have done anything to make anyone in this scene feel uncomfortable or for anyone of that matter, i apologize for that too. Touching with no consent is not okay and I need to follow that example.

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