My Experience With Noel Brown

Noel Brown Raped Me

I have been silent to talk about this for years now because of being villanized and the narrative being turned and flipped on me when I started to speak out. I’m tired of women being portrayed inhumanly when discussed by the latest “gossip.” We are human but not according to the FGC community. Due to my sexual history and profession, I am being upfront about my promiscuous behavior, and having that reputation branding me as a “slut”.

By being single and doing what males were doing in the SAME COMMUNITY, but I didn't ask to be assaulted. I’m done living in fear.

Note: I want to make this very clear I only saw NOEL as a friend and I WAS NOT INTERESTED IN CONSENSUAL SEX WITH HIM.


I flew to New York on Sep 25, 2017 for NY Comiccon . I missed the con because I had an event prior to going to in a different state; so I flew out later that evening to meet with my best friend (REDACTED). We noticed a Sonicboom box party, was happening and decided to go. I invited Noel to come to the even,t because I know of him through mutuals in the Fgc and they all praised him. We never hang out in person before, until this night. He would always be flirty, but I had a crush on his friend (Ryan) , and was getting close with Ryan; Noel knew that I called him friend on multiple occasions, and was very upfront that if I’m interested in someone sexually, I’m very upfront about it. I had intentions of wanting to be a good friend with him, and nothing more.

Link attached with DMS between Noel and Myself:

I hung out with all my friends during the party, and since my best friend was with me I asked him beforehand if I could get really drunk and if he’d be looking out for me. He agreed because we would always go to cons together and I wanted to really let loose. I didn't hang out with Noel that much during the party and he truly didn't come around more until I was super drunk.After sometime on the dance floor I am now inebriated and me and Noel kiss. I cannot say I initiated the kiss first, but want to point out that it did happen. Some time passed I told my friend I was going to use the bathroom; after I was done using the restroom, I saw that Noel was right outside the door, waiting and said he had to use the bathroom as well. Then another person ran into the bathroom right after me.

So Noel then tells me there is one upstairs and asks for me to come with him, so I did. I sat on the floor waiting outside of the bathroom upstairs of the party on my phone while he went to use the bathroom. A staff member then came by and told me that I could not sit on the floor. At this point, this is where the story turns dark. Next he comes out mins later and waves me over. Confused by what he is asking, I come closer to him asking what was up. I don’t understand what he’s asking (I AM DRUNK). He pulls me in the bathroom, closes the door, pulls down my pants and starts penetrating me (unprotected).

It happened so fast I didnt realize he was even having sex with me until I looked in the mirror I was so confused and distraught that it went from a harmless bathroom discussion to unwarranted sex in a bathroom unprotected. Eventually someone knocks on the door, he gets interrupted, he puts his pants back on and leaves. I was used and abused; Everyone who saw me knew I was wasted and he took advantage of that during the closing of the venue. They were kicking everyone out so I lost ties with my friend as I looked for him.

Noel takes me with him to his Lyft. He then takes me to a restaurant and I barely eat anything because I was so drunk. He then orders another lyft and I leave my phone in the car by accident. Honestly I vaguely remember fully going to the lyft or restaurant the second time. I woke up in NEW Jersey on a bed, which I presume is inside Noel’s house, to Noel on top of me (SOBER). I am mortified and confused on how I even got there. He never said anything to me, he just did stuff, he never asked ANYTHING.

I let him finish doing what he was doing to me thinking I can just grab my phone. So I was stuck in a house with no contact with my friend, on a bed with a man who just assaulted me twice in less than 24 hours. So I ask Noel why he had sex with me he stated “because my friend had slept with you.” I felt so disgusted that I was considered nothing more than a rag doll, to be passed along and him thinking so little of me that he thought it was okay to take my vaginal freedom. I asked to use his computer to contact my friend. When my friend came to get me, I left and got back to my hotel feeling empty and used up. I then asked Noel for the information of the Lyft driver to get my phone back and blocked him after getting that information.

Conversation with Ark Angel and Before and After Twitchcon 2017

I have never communicated with him again. I confided in my former friend (Ark Angel) at the time. Allready being vulnerable, I told him about the incident, and that I told him that I went to the doctor, told them what had happened, and they made me get an std and pregnancy test, as well as a rape kit. At this point a little time has passed. Upon our discussion Ark Angel told everyone in his clique that I was a liar and painted me as a villain at Twitchcon 2017. Ark Angel also stated that I was pregnant, and it was two well known fgc members I was sexually involved with instead, implying that I was trying to financially exploit them. I was gas lighted and painted as crazy and unstable, when in reality people believed this, based on my previous history and encounters . Noel proceeded to blame me anyway without question because I had the reputation of being a slut.

The bullying and rumors pushing me into silence, by PBNJ and Arkangel being the biggest perpetrators.

Screenshots with Arkangel:


I’m not doing this for money, I’m not doing this for clout. This is my truth. This is humility and embarrassing to put this out there publicly. This is my interpretation of the actions that happened between us. I take full accountability for sexuality, and what part I played in the situation. I also had several witnesses and other screenshots where I confided into individuals within the FGC/ Smash community about what happened, and action was delayed due to me not wanting to put the information out. Overall it's just a really fucked up situation that I regret, and wish never happened. Which is why I am speaking on it now. It took me 3 years to muster the courage to come out about this and I am honestly relieved. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my chest.
I just want the women and FGC to know you’re not crazy. I believe you and that if you ever think of being in the FGC I want you to be warned that people will cover for their friends, to help them stay in the community. Don’t let them win! Being silent and living in fear now is unfair! Now is the time for justice! I spoke my truth and I can start the process of healing and moving on, instead of blaming myself. I will no longer be bullied or have my sexuality used against me as a defense to their misdeeds at my expense. I was raped by a man I barely knew and the FGC tried to cover it up.

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