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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Kiwi and Bizkit, HeroKillerH8, the Ray brothers, and the Smash Community

Most of you probably don’t know me because I haven’t competed since I played Brawl/ProjectM.
I’m Kiwi’s older brother (TempesT). I used to drive her, my brother, and other smash players to events for years when I competed. We made a lot of great friends through smash…and a couple of enemies along the way. I’m here to explain why Bizkit (my sister’s boyfriend) has never been a problem and why I think MikeRay is possibly the source of the current rumor(s). I mention that I don't think Herokillerh8 is infallible and link some timestamps to prominent community members agreeing (and I'm not aiming to attack him, just to clear our names...don't attack him). I’ll also explain that players like the Rays and others recently involved in scandal make it so I don’t feel safe being a part of the community and bringing my son to events in the future.
First: Look at this picture That’s Kiwi, Me, our brother, Kevin (Bizkit) and my kids. My at-the-time 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter are there. That picture is hanging up on the wall in a staircase at my dad’s house. Notice how we’re all close in the picture? My parents and wife were there…No one feels threatened...
I was, by far, the loudest opposition to my sister and Kevin dating within my family. I told them that I didn’t agree with the idea. My sister was only 16 and I was uncomfortable with someone my age dating her…but there is something REALLY important that everyone is neglecting. Them dating didn’t involve sex. Not only did nothing illegal happen, but there was no grooming or sexual relationship. The worst claim you can make against them sincerely is you think it’s weird. My mom actually convinced ME to give Kevin a chance…let that sink in. He sat down with my family and got berated by us willingly so that we could ask what we wanted to and ask what we wanted to. I unloaded a lot of worries on him then and he has never made those worries come true…Kevin and my sister are still together because there was never an issue. I totally understand why people thought it was weird…I did too, but he never did anything inappropriate. My sister is asexual which further pushes this towards being platonic. The protective older brother that I am approves of him. He was with my sister as we watched my mom dying in the hospital and I think he has proven himself over the years by showing up for Easter, Christmas, etc. and even this past month with my family trying to figure out what life would be like without my mom…just leave them alone already.

Second: Herokillerh8 is not a good person, even if he did something good by calling attention to the Cinnpie situation. Just listen to TK and Coney explain why
Time stamps:
36:15 TK explains this dude has issues with MD/VA explaining why he’d bring this stuff up (Cinnpie and GIMR are MD/VA…I don’t know why he has issues with my sister)
37:09 Coney explains background on Herokillerh8
41:30 Coney explains that he made death threats
So, if he’s doing a good thing now, that’s good. Remember, though, that this same guy supposedly posted video of him having sex with people online without their consent…You can also watch this vod too: Happens multiple times, one of those times is at 2:41:00

Third: OK, this part I’m only talking about to defend my sister and Kevin. I’ve left this alone for years because it seemed like it was safer that way for the people I care about. MikeRay had a weird relationship with my sister. I legitimately think he is the only one who could be construed as grooming if either of them can be. Here are some bullet points:
-He called my sister often from when she was 14 on
-He joked about sexual harassment and the stuff that my sister brought up about Alex Strife
-He sang to her on the phone which my mom even witnessed and sometimes would try to keep her on the phone when I was hanging out with her
-He told my brother we all should have been aborted
-He told me I was a negligent brother and a “Fucking idiot” for letting Kevin be near my sister and that it was my fault that bad things would happen to her (This doesn’t even get into all the other verbal abuse we got…)
-Him and his brother got my ustream channel banned for saying inappropriate stuff on my stream back when I streamed Brawl tournaments (Happened at TAER even they hosted). Mike also got banned from commentary relatively recently for something similar.
-He has trashed people’s relationships by being part of cheating in relationships and then lashed out after he was cheated on (which I don’t think he deserved, no one deserves that). I’m not going to bring any of those specific people up for their sake, but I’ve talked to some of them about this recently.
-He has gotten violent/aggressive over performing poorly at events or people questioning him (to the point of TO’s getting involved and him threatening a player with lawyers after telling them he would “end their fucking life” because he was antagonizing them for all in the venue to hear). As far as I know, Mike was the origin of the rumors about Kevin, and then of Kevin and my sister.
At least, he’s the only one who cared about this very publicly before recently. If you’re a New England player and you’re supporting this stuff I’m really disappointed. You all know the history. You don’t have to like me, my sister, or Kevin but they aren’t the problem…

Finally: I was thinking of bringing my son to his first tournament this year as a 7th birthday present so he could watch his Aunt (Kiwi) compete. I don’t feel safe doing that any more. I wasn’t going to enter any events, I was just going to stay with my son so he could spectate…and I really don’t feel safe any more if we have players like the Rays at these events. With no security at events and minimal ability to guarantee safety for younger event goers I don’t think it would be prudent to entertain this idea any more. My friend owns a game shop where he runs events and even bringing him there at this point if that type of player is present makes me uncomfortable. This is no fault of the TO’s as far as I can tell, and I’m certainly not blaming shop owners, they carry the community…this is something the community as a whole should not be supporting. The only solution to this is to remove players from events if they legitimately pose a threat to the viability of tournaments and peoples’ safety and I as a player and parent feel like this is the deal breaker for the future of smash. Everyone is watching right now: Smash scandals made the top of Twitter's trending list, made it to ESPN, and Nintendo is watching... Let's make sure we get this right...because people's safety is the most important thing and we may regret making mistakes now that impact the future of smash if we aren't careful...
Thanks for reading.

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