Regarding Taijuan Matthews/ Archangel and Sera Ang

It was a few years ago when Sera Ang has came to us and told us everything about Archangel aka Taijuan. We were very surprised and very angry at the time so myself(PB&J), Stango and Brooke(His girlfriend) all sat down with Tai(Archangel) and told him to confess up and tell us everything since she sent us screen shots of everything. He eventually did admit to it and I(PB&J) told him he needed to get help and he is no longer part of SS and kicked him out of the house.

One year later or so he told us he changed as a person so I let him back into my house and it seemed to me at the time that he has changed.

I(PB&J) do want to apologize for Sera for never getting back to her and giving her these updates.

The only reason why none of this was public is because we wanted to handle this privately.

If you want to confirm my story that we spoke to him you can ask Brooke and Stango about the conversation we had with him.

He is no longer here with us at SS and wanted to make clear that we just wanted him to get help and wanst our intent to cover this up.

It is 100 percent my fault(PB&J) for not updating Sera with everything of what we did with him.

Sorry that you had to go through all of this Sera and it was 100 percent unacceptable for what he did.

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