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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

I have to come clean.

Hey. I can't sleep, and I just can't take this back and forth. I don't think it makes sense to keep this going, I just want this all to stop and for me to at least atone. I also want people to stop defending me. I don't deserve it.

Katie - The screenshot you guys were wondering about the ice cube thing? It's true. The claims that Katie makes are true in general. There are no graphic pictures of anything of the sort, but it's unforgivable regardless. I want to just be clear about it here.

There is one more girl I spoke to in 2014 period a bit earlier, her name is Laura. Originally she never told me she was underage (She said she was older than me, I have a screenshot of this, but it doesn't matter nor make it better) but years later she contacted me and said she was actually underage. I apologized to her privately recently and told her I feel absolutely terrible about it. There's no graphic pictures or anything either that were exchanged and she's from another country.

I really want to atone, and I just want this discussion to stop. I'm not a good person, and it doesn't matter how terrible my life was, I did terrible things and that's the end of it. I don't deserve for people to defend me.

I'm working right now to obviously lose my sponsorships or any type of thing like that.
I'm obviously not making more videos in general as well.

I love you guys. Please don't be like me, and please don't forgive me either. I won't forgive myself either.

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