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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My experience with LoF Blue.

Since everyone else is doing it I guess I’ll join in and share what has happend to me... so I guess about 4 years ago I’d be 16 years old which is pretty young and I’ve probably spent a little less than a year in the smash community or more I forget it’s been a really long time.. but anyways, me and LoF blue started talking on Facebook I forget exactly how the conversations got started (pretty sure it was over smash and he was really good at smash 4) and I asked him to play. We played a couple times and we played different games on the Wii U and we would chat and voice chat on skype. I deleted the Facebook messages and Skype only allows up to 30 days of messages to be backed up otherwise I would post Imgur’s. But friends closed to me in the smash scene know this is all true because I told them a day after it all happend and I have no reason to lie about it.. but yeah after talking for probably a month or so Blue constantly messaged some weird very off things that I didn’t really notice to because I was pretty young at the time (16). He asked to come over to play smash which I thought was normal.. he lived in the LOF house with ZeRo at the time. So he would drive 3 hours to my house to come play smash.. I invited several friends over the day he was supposed to come over so we could all play and learn from him. He got to my house and a few other came aswell I forget all who came but two I remember are NPT TheSaviourNinja and NPT Sticky. After we all played smash and we’re done for the night Blue decided to stay over at my place.. also NPT Sticky did stay the night aswell nothing happend that night I think because sticky stayed over... blue decided to stay again the next day when no one else stayed over.. we played smash and some other games all day I ordered food and ya know the normal stuff... when it was time to go to bed I slept in my fouton which is basically a couch and a bed in the same thing and he slept in a recliner in my room. I fell asleep and halfway through the night he wakes me up and asks if he can sleep in the futon bed aswell because the recliner sucked to sleep in. So I felt bad and said sure, I fell asleep again and I’m not sure the exact time but I woke up with Blue ontop of me now remember I was 16 years old and he was 26. He was ontop of me unbottoning my pants and trying to put his hand down my pants. I tried moving around to make him think I was waking up. I was scared to even say anything or wake up and be like wtf I just froze and wasn’t sure what to do... but for some reason he stopped and he went to bed and I went back to bed. We woke up the next morning and I tried to act like everything was normal and he left I’m pretty sure I never answered him again or anything like that. I told my friend TheSaviourNinja at the time the next day.. he messaged blue on Facebook to ask him what he has done if it was true, but he denied it. But yeah that’s my story it doesn’t really effect me in any way shape or form I don’t think about it often or even at all. I just try and live life one step at a time and not get down or stressed about shit.

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