Address to the Smash Community

Hey guys, I have been keeping up with the allegations of misconduct against myself. These include flirting with a minor, and the other is attempting to grope someone. I meet thousands of people and hang out with anyone I think is chill. I have no idea how to even properly address it because I know myself, and I know that I have never had a situation like this arise in my life. I just want to say that I have never flirted with a minor, nor can I genuinely recall a time where I personally have engaged in the act of flirting with a minor. My friendliness might have been mistaken for flirting. So please, if you have any more details on the matter I will be more than happy to address them and figure this out but I don't even have the person's name nor do I have any recollection of the incident. Please contact me/tweet something as I would genuinely like to sort it out because I believe whatever I did was a misunderstanding.

As far as Lauren goes I am going to need to go into detail about this one because it genuinely shocks me to my core that she would say this about me. So lets start from the beginning at big house 2. I met up with all the top players at that tournament and we decided to hang out and whatnot. This is where I first met Lauren. Lauren was upset at mango for something and started giving me attention at this tournament to get back at him. I told people that it was getting weird and that I didn't want Mango to hate me for the way she was acting. I couldn't stop either from happening and so both hated me from the very beginning.

Over the next several years Mango and I develop a good relationship because we started respecting each other in and outside of melee. I eventually beat him at one of these tournaments and got falsely accused of doing adderall by Lauren, and can only assume its because Lauren's relationship with me was so troubled. So ever since then mango would invite me over and it would get pretty awkward at times. I would try to be cordial and say hi, but eventually get ignored so I stopped bothering to even acknowledge her existence. Every time I would go over I wouldn't even look at her-I would walk right past her and just go upstairs/play on stream. This has been going on since 2015 and I would frequently avoid her at all costs. This behavior hasn't changed to this day and I'm not sure where me groping her is coming from. I avoid her because I don't want what happened years ago to happen again, especially since mango's friendship means a lot to me. I have done my best to navigate our situation from day one. I would never try to touch you in inappropriate areas, especially at mangos tournament. At most I may have tried to overcompensate and bridge the awkwardness by patting your shoulder or initiate any type of physical contact in an attempt to console our troubled friendship. Which I regret and know is wrong. I also don't understand how mango could continue inviting me over if she felt this way- just none of this adds up to me so I just wish we would could figure it out. Mang0 on stream has always said good things about me for years and in my opinion her ill will towards me is connected to something I don't comprehend, as it has been from the very start. This is just not consistent with how our relationship has gone. Yesterday she said I attempted to grope her, today its that I actually made contact with her waist/thigh area. Although her statement is inconsistent, I will acknowledge the bottom line, which is that I made Lauren feel uncomfortable. I accept that and absolutely guarantee to do better, to be more mindful of interactions with everyone.

I also reached out to Kat in dms and I genuinely feel like we found an understanding. I hope she feels like what I told her came from my heart because it truly did.

That said I just want to say to everyone that I'm sorry and that from here on out I am going to do my best to navigate peoples boundaries and feelings a lot better because I don't want these people feeling this way again. To those who came out recently you are incredibly strong and is something this community absolutely needed. If there is anything else I need to address I will do it in a more timely manner, today has been a roller coaster of emotions and it took me a while to just sit down and write my thoughts down. I promise I will be even more mindful moving forward and fight for the well-being of the Smash Bros community.

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