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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My Experience with Bozzy/Amari

Hello everyone, this TwitLonger’s purpose is to show what Bozz/Amari has done in the past. Bozzy was the owner of the Marth and Lucina Discord (Marcina) during Smash 4. He has since left the Smash Discords community and is not involved with the Marcina Discord. My experience is not a representation of everyone or everything that has happened. Personally, I feel like it’s important that I share my experience with Bozzy. Mochi's, another victim, tweet will be in the replies. Please give it a read. There is going to be an additional doc regarding other things Bozzy has done outside of sexual endeavors as well. Please read those in the replies. I would also like to add something really important. My experience, along with everyone else’s who is coming forward against Bozzy, really demonstrate that this can happen in any part of our community. This literally happened in a character Discord. It happens everywhere and we need to change how we handle this. Period.

As a note, this is my first time talking about my sexuality with some local mutuals. I'd appreciate it if we don't talk about it. I don't like my sexuality defining me as a person.

I’m going to be honest; I really don’t know how to begin telling this story? This isn’t something I thought I was ever going to have to think about or tell other people about. But, here we are.

So, I joined the Marcina Discord around 2016ish. I was semi active for a bit, then one night I decided to join one of their late at night calls. The owner of the Marcina discord at the time, Bozzy/Amari, saw me there. He then, seemingly randomly, decided that there needed to be a new mod. A mod that could cover the night hours more often. Me, being 16, of course said something about it to him and… he modded me. Things were pretty normal for a while, but then I brought up us making our own chat bot. He was down for it, with some skepticism, and we both started working on it. This bot was probably the worst decision I made in the Marcina discord.

While working on it, we got extremely close. So close, in fact, that we started “dating.” Along with this dating, I was also moved up to an administrator in the Discord. He was in his 20’s , I was 16. In the week or two we spent multiple nights together. He told me, a minor, some really gross stuff. The other person posting, Mochi, can attest to some of the things he said, since he said really similar things. In the screenshots I provided, I really wanted to focus on the gaslighting nature that he had. I don’t have any text proof for these two things since they were in a voice call, but I would like to mention them since they honestly make me very upset looking back. Even after around 4 years, these interactions are what I remember most from out “relationship.” Just to be clear, these are paraphrased based on how I remember them. Some stuff might be slightly wrong.

Bozzy: So, did my position of power turn you on? (referring to his status as the owner of the Discord)
Me: I don’t know? I guess? That’s kinda weird to ask.
Bozzy: You’re right. It is fucking weird.

This one freaks me out a lot. It makes me think that’s why he wanted his power position in the first place. Also asking a minor if they were turned on…. Gross.

Bozzy: I’m just not sure about this. The last guy I talked to like this was even younger than you….

He’s groomed multiple other people. It’s gross. It’s not okay.

From my point of view, Bozzy has ruined a lot of people’s mental state. Mine included. When all of this happened, I went right along with it because I was 16/17 and just wanted to feel like I was wanted. Others have different experiences with that, but I want to make that clear in my case. I went along with it. A lot can be said on why I did. His position of power, my own vulnerabilities, there’s a lot of reasons. The thing is, I wasn’t old enough to give my consent for anything. It wasn’t okay.

Screenshots of weird stuff Bozzy/Amari said to me:

Screenshot from someone else (who is also in the other google drive/doc telling their story):

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