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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Dj Nintendo Grooming Experices

I was not going to say anything about this and I didn’t want to publicly say to much about it but I feel like it needs to be said. I didn’t feel like my input was needed about to to make a post and I just wanted to forget entirely about it but it has been on my mind ever since everyone else was coming out with detailed stories.I met DJ Nintendo on Facebook just because of mutual friends in the melee community in common and he added me. Soon after he messaged me for the first time and I responded because I looked up to him in the melee community. I was not in the smash community for that long and just getting into the game community. It was very casual back and forth until he told me that I was really cute and I took the compliment and said thank you. Soon after this he started asking me where I’m from and things in this nature. I being who I am responded. He started talking to me about melee and smash and because I looked up to him Was happy I was talking to someone I looked up to at the time. Hendrick then started asking if I was interested in going to majors and if he needs me to I can stay with him if I did not have housing to go to them. I thought this was a little weird being so him in his mid 30s and me being so young being so in my late teens. Hendrick started then making me very uncomfortable telling me knowing I wasn’t 21 I should get drunk with him and telling me I should come visit him in New York. Hendrick found me in the melee hell community and saw some private stuff I posted in the group to message me privately telling me I can trust him with private information because he is a top player and I can trust him with my private things in my life. I know I was not a minor but DJ Nintendo groomed me into trusting him with multiple private things Because I looked up to him and he knew it. I felt like I had no other option to him telling me these things because I looked up to him and he put in my head I can trust him. Since then i felt gross about the situation so I have deleted my old Facebook to get rid of the messages and have not been active in the Facebook smash community’s. DJ Nintendo with me and mutiple other women groomed them and said sexual things about and to women. Any apology will not make up for hoe I feel or mutiple other woman feel about the things he has done. Hendrick you are not welcomed back within the community any amount of apology will not be accepted and I hope you never come back as a commentator or player and are banned from the community. I was groomed into feeling like I could trust you and I have not forgave myself for that. I hope you get what you deserve for doing this to me and mutiple other women and men in the community. You had no right to think you were over me in my life because of who you were and think of me as no one but someone to mess with. You made me feel like my mentors were Not going to respect me and look down on me. I hope you are never welcomed back in the smash community.

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