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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

The Ban of Jordan "Jswiss" Switzer

St. Louis Smash Ultimate has called upon a ban onto Jordan “JSwiss” Switzer. We were alerted by a third party through our Tournament Organizer contact form that Switzer is currently under FBI investigation for being in possession of child pornography. We are banning him effective immediately and indefinitely pending completion of the investigation and a verdict.

As community leaders, we want to ensure the safety of our attendees, especially those who are minors. Therefore, we are taking a proactive measure before incidents occur within our community itself. We will continue to keep up with the investigation.
During this time, I would like to ensure people that this is not a time of panic and fear, but a time to recollect and reform. Community members are now more than ever able to step forward with their thoughts, concerns, and information that they previously were incapable to provide.

Please make sure you are aware of your resources, such as the new Tournament Organizer contact form for the St. Louis Smash Ultimate Community:
By being proactive in looking for signs of abuse and misconduct, we can make our community a safer place for everyone.

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